Onfloor 20 Pro Series Floor Grinders are Amazing Garage Floors choice for pro installers

Onfloor 20 Pro (OF20Pro) is the best concrete floor grinder for epoxy garage floors you can buy!  We bought our first Onfloor 20″ floor grinder back in 2008 and have used them ever since!  In 2012 we bacame a dealer of Onfloor floor grinders and have sold them ever since.  You cannot beat the performance for the size of the Onfloor 20 Pro!  At just a bit over a 200 pounds, it’s easy to move in and out of a garage with just 1 person.  If you need a little extra weight, you can add up to four (4) 28lb weights (sold seperately).  Let’s face it we don’t need some huge machine, we require portability and don’t want something that weighs as much as a small car.

We added the pro series a few years later after our initial puchases of OF-20H machines.  We have never looked back, as the Onfloor 20 Pro floor grinder is variable speed and reversible.  The single phase 220V 5 HP motor delivers all the power we need to quickly and successfully prepare Amazing Garage Floors by the thousands.  The Onfloor 20 Pro, while not required to be puchased by our installer network, is the biggest thing you can do to get your concrete prepared quickly for our impressive one day installation hybrid epoxy/polyaspartic garage floor system.

Onfloor 20 Pro concrete grinder

If you’re looking for details or have questions regarding an Onfloor 20 Pro we would be happy to tell you our experience with them.  If you’re interested in purchasing one for yourself, we’d be happy to put you together with one.  We can ship from our warehouse in the Kansas City or directly from the manufacturer.  I would estimate we have sold roughly 70-80 of these units in the past few years, and additionally we USE THEM!  If you’d like someone that knows how to use the machine and uses them regularly, and supports users of scores of these, then feel free to contact us!  

Due to the pricing rules and structure as well as periodic fluctuations in pricing we will not list the price of our Onfloor 20 Pro grinders.  We occasionally get offers and puchase multiple machines to get better pricing that you will find anywhere else.  We only sell brand new machines, and include all factory warranties.  All Onfloor 20 Pro machines will ship from either the manufacturer or our Kansas City area location with ACTUAL freight charges billed to buyer.

MSRP: $9995

OUR PRICE: $8450 

Call us at 913.901.7139 For the best price on your new Onfloor 20 Pro floor grinder

Motor/Power 5 HP/208-240V 50/60HZ
Full Load Amperage26
Tool Speed0-1750 RPM Variable
Cutting Width20″
Vacuum Port1.5″ or 2″
Minimum CFM180
Weight210 LBS
Grinding Pressure190 LBS
Optional Weight28 LBS (4 max)
Shipping DimensionL: 30″ x W:24″ x H: 42″
Shipping Weight230 LBS
Onfloor 20 Pro
Amazing Garage Floors Onfloor 20 Pro starting a concrete polish job

Call at 913.901.7139 For the best price on your Onfloor 20 Pro floor grinder

Buy your Onfloor 20 Pro from a company that USES THEM REGULARLY!

Onfloor 20 Pro, Onfloor 20, 4 Onfloor 20 Pros ready for delivery

Any Onfloor 20 Pro Purchase also qualifies you to use our ongoing discount program with Onfloor for direct from the manufacturer discount pricing on other tools and parts too!

The Onfloor 20 pro floor grinder is a very versitile concrete grinder for preparing concrete floors for epoxy coatings.  It is also capable of polishing concrete with a wide range of tooling for polishing concrete.  It has a patented triple belt system and a passive planetary floor grinder.  It’s fully capable of removing existing coatings, glue, and mastic as well.  Capable of running at 1750 RPM’s at full speed and rated at a production rate of 600 SF per hour for preparing concrete for coatings.

Tooling packages available for:  Concrete Surface Preparation, Epoxy Removal, Mastic/Glue Removal, and polishing of stone surfaces.


Consider the Onfloor OF9S-L for an entry level grinder that will also perform as an edger too!  SEE OUR REVIEW HERE

Looking for something smaller than an Onfloor 20 Pro?

Check out our offering for the Onfloor 16

What is the price on an Onfloor 20 Pro floor grinder?

When you are ready to purchase an Onfloor 20 Pro floor grinder, please contact us for current pricing. As the largest dealer in the United States, we can beat any price you’ll find online or in store.

What Accessories are available for the OF-20 Pro? floor grinder

We are able to supply you with any and all of the various accessories that the Onfloor 20 Pro floor grinder can use.

What is the weight of the Onfloor 20 Pro floor grinder?

The Onfloor 20 Pro floor grinder weighs about 210 pounds, but don’t let it’s low weight fool you. It produces like machines that weigh 2-3 times as much. It’s this portability that makes it a great machine for small jobs like garages, basements, and bathrooms.