So You Want To Start Your Own Epoxy Garage Floor Business?

Become an Amazing Garage Floors Installer!

At Amazing Garage Floors, our installers share the single goal of providing only the highest quality floor finishing installation products and services that delight our clients, backed by the industry’s most exclusive warranty.  By joining our dealer network you will be able to work for yourself without being by yourself.

Amazing Garage Floors offers a business opportunity for someone looking to get away from the corporate world, looking to expand their existing home improvement business, or start a new home based business, that can grow to whatever size they desire. Epoxy garage floors is a growing business with a huge need for the right type of people to own and operate the business properly and professionally, and that’s what Amazing Garage Floors is all about.

We are different than most of the other business models for the garage flooring industry. Most are simply suppliers wanting to sell their product at the biggest margin possible, or a “franchise” that wants to load you up with a big fee, and plenty of recurring monthly fees, or product charges, or both. Once they get their big pay day up front, they hope to keep you on monthly, but really they focus on looking for their next dealer.

We take a much longer term approach in developing you into that Amazing Garage Floor dealer by delighting your customers, and keeping you around for many years, as you build your successful business, in which you choose to continue your relationship with us.

Amazing Garage Floor installers participate in mandatory product and installation training. All Amazing Garage Floor installers must demonstrate competency in preparation, application, and service of the proprietary Amazing Garage Floors epoxy floor products and processes. Contact us if you feel you can uphold our standards and would like to start or expand your own business today.

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No Franchise or Royalty Fees

With Amazing Garage Floors you can start making money on your business almost immediately instead of going tens of thousands of dollars in debt for a “concept” at the very beginning of your business when you can afford it the least.  We do charge for our training, and have options to work for you, but you’ll easily be able to see why we are worth it and will save you countless amounts of time and money.  With our more than a decade of installations and business experience directly with epoxy garage flooring business.

At Amazing Garage Floors, our dealers share the goal of providing only the highest quality floor finishing installation products and services that delight our clients, backed by an outstanding warranty.We also want our dealers to be successful!  Nearly everyone in the epoxy garage floor business starts out in one of two ways, and this leads to many of the failures in this industry.

*Schedule a call with us and learn 5 more reasons to become an Amazing Garage Floor Installer!

Installer Benefits

  • A ONE-TIME license fee

    You won't have to worry about paying monthly fees or renewing your license.

  • Protected Territories Available

    Protect your name, brand, and opportunity in your community.

  • Phenomenal Business Potential

    Start your own business and be your own boss and live the life you want.

  • Dealer Web Presence

    Reach potential buyers, get more customers, with inbound client leads.

  • Modest Initial Investment

    Starts earning money from day one with a low initial investment for a high return.

  • On-Going Technical Support

    You'll have a team of experts at your disposal to answer your epoxy floor and business questions.

*Schedule a call with us and learn 5 more reasons to become an Amazing Garage Floor Installer!

  • Marketing Support

    Marketing Support can help you find the right marketing channels for your business.

  • No Retail Space Requirements

    Grow your business without the expense of a physical storefront.

  • Proven Product

    You'll never have to worry about not having the right product, that your customers will be satisfied with.

  • Proven Processes

    A proven process for success, while you avoid risk, save time and money.

  • Equipment Discounts

    Avoid retail prices with our large buying power. We pass along the saving to you.

  • Product Discounts

    Avoid costly local epoxy retailers and buy direct from manufactures.

*Schedule a call with us and learn 5 more reasons to become an Amazing Garage Floor Installer!

When you are ready to succeed with your epoxy garage floor business give Amazing Garage Floors a try!  We have been involved in this business since 2007 and epoxy garage floors are our business.  All your needs from products, to process, to equipment, to business consulting.  Make your epoxy garage floor business AMAZING by joining with us!


How is Amazing Garage Floors business model superior to other models?

We know there are many choices in epoxy garage floor companies/suppliers and we work hard to be the best among them, for new business owners entering this market. First realize there are basically 2 business models out there, and neither one of them work very well for new companies like you. • The Distributor/Producer model-This is by some company that makes or at least claims to make the product (many are simply private labeling a product). These generally stick out because they can teach you how to install an epoxy garage floor in a 2 day class. They generally charge $200-500 per person, per class, and teach you how to install a floor on their warehouse floor, or on some wood, making your own samples perhaps. These companies have very little invested in you (you paid them for training) and hope you are successful, buying lots of their products. Typically instructed by guys that are too old or burned out too continue installing floors themselves. Perhaps they have even ruined their names locally due to the quality of their installations as well. • Franchise Model-This is another model with nice, flashy marketing materials, and websites that rank well online. The price is typically $25-100k upfront, as well as monthly fees for CRM systems or advertising to get their name out there. You are forced to purchase their products, at their prices, as well as royalty fees most likely. This does get you going quickly, but I’ve personally never liked the franchise model, as I feel I am only purchasing myself a job.

What are the costs to get started in an epoxy floor business?

Hopefully you have a truck to pull a trailer, but if not, you should add an applicable cost into these figures. We highly recommend an enclosed trailer (typically 6 x 12) with a ramp door. • Enclosed trailer ($3000 new or less used) • Planetary concrete grinder -confirm our current price (approximately $7000) • Dust collection vacuum with HEPA filters-confirm our current price ($2000-$4000 depending on model) • Toolbox, associated hand tools, power cords, diamonds, etc ($2000) • Epoxy and Topcoat order ($5000) NO MINIMUM/could be less certainly • Vinyl chip/Flake order ($1500) NO MINIMUM required/just recommended

How long has Amazing Garage Floors been around?

Amazing Garage Floors began installing floors in 2007. We have continued installing or industry leading system unchanged since 2009, and began training other installers in 2012.

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