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No Franchise Fees


No Franchise Fees or Royalties

With Amazing Garage Floors you can start making money on your business almost immediately instead of going tens of thousands of dollars in debt for a “concept” at the very begining of your business when you can afford it the least.  We do charge for our training, and have options to work for you, but you’ll easily be able to see why we are worth it and will save you countless amounts of time and money.  With our more than a decade of installations and business experience directly with epoxy garage flooring business.

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_separator][vc_column_text]At Amazing Garage Floors, our dealers share the goal of providing only the highest quality floor finishing installation products and services that delight our clients, backed by an outstanding warranty.We also want our dealers to be successful!  Nearly everyone in the epoxy garage floor business starts out in one of two ways, and this leads to many of the failures in this industry.


  • A 2 Day Training Class
  • A Franchised System

This is why Amazing Garage Floors is neither of these systems.  The 2 day training class is primarily put on by a distributor or manufacturer in order to give you a little experience and set you loose selling their products.  They will supply you and the more jobs you do the better they do, by selling you product they seldom manufactured, and are simply making a large spread on the purchase price and the sales price, while you’re out there sweating away, and trying to figure out why their products don’t work like they did in their back room or on the small project you did on that 2 day training class.

The franchised system hooks you for a large sum of up-front money (As high as $75,000), in addition to monthly, yearly, and royalty fees, that don’t seem to end.  Their business is essentially selling businesses, so if you fail in a year, it really only cuts out their on-going residual, and they will sell the “territory” to some other guy and tell them how you didn’t follow the “program”.  Meanwhile they know little to nothing about the floor or flooring business, at least not the slick salesman that you’re dealing with on the day to day basis.

We’ve been around this industry since 2007 and I’ve seen a lot of great business plans come and go. I even started out as a distributor with two companies that are now out of business. With one of those companies I paid $8000 for training, and “exclusive rights”. This was in addition to purchasing, equipment, products (with their markups), and my travel to their location.

So with Amazing Garage Floors, there are low “up front costs” and NO recurring business fees or royalties.  Our dealers then enjoy substantial price savings on equipment, products, supplies, and more!  This puts you at a huge advantage over your competitors, since I’m currently seeing the going rate for such fees going at $25,000 and even $50,000, plus royalties and advertising fees!. With Amazing Garage Floors you are not a franchisee, you’re not bound by any rules and regulations that don’t permit you to leave. At Amazing Garage Floors, we’d rather see you leave if your not happy, and don’t believe you have the best training, products, support, and pricing. If you feel like you can do better with another company or on your own you’re free to go. It won’t cost you anything either![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]