Husqvarna DE 120 Dust Extractor Vacuum (DE 120V HEPA)

Husqvarna DE 120

Husqvarna DE 120 Single Phase HEPA Dust Extractor Vacuum 120V

This dust extractor is an ideal tool for mid to large size handheld power tools, small to mid-sized grinders, and small shot blasters.  Husqvarna’s DE 120 HEPA dust collector is a powerful and portable dust extractor that is suitable for a wide variety of pick-ups applications and can be used to supplement hand/floor powered tools for dustless grinding and sanding. Excellent for both wood dust and concrete dust and other building materials where fast, dust-free recovery is required to maintain production and clean air working environments. Each unit includes individually tested and certified HEPA filters and Husqvarna’s unique direct “dustless” deposit into poly bags for easy handling and disposal.  Output With its “JetPulse” filter-cleaning technology, this vacuum cleaner maximizes airflow and pick-up efficiency.

Unlike low-cost vacuum cleaners, Husqvarna’s HEPA Dust Extractors use tested and certified HEPA filtration systems that trap the smallest, dirtiest dust particles and prevent them from being released into the air. A HEPA Dust Extraction system not only exhausts perfectly cleaned air, but it is far more efficient than traditional methods for the quick recovery of bulk dry dust and debris from construction sites. They can also be connected to electrical power tools to clean freshly cut and friable concrete dust, which is considered to be one of most hazardous materials for construction workers.

It is important for business owners to protect their employees from this major occupational health risk and begin establishing legal groundwork that will prevent future lawsuits The first step is for you to stop your employees from buying shop-style vacuum cleaners from local home improvement stores. Instead, you should start using professional HEPA Dust Extraction systems manufactured by Husqvarna instead.


NOTE: Every HEPA filter is individually tested and certified at filtration rate 99.99% at 0.3 microns.

Each Husqvarna DE 120 vacuum comes with a one year warranty against manufacturer defects

Husqvarna DE 120 Specifications

Husqvarna DE 120

  • Product Part No. 970514804
  • Volts 120
  • Motor  3 HP (2.2kW)
  • Amps 20 (MAX)
  • Air Flow Capacity 265 (CFM) 
  • Water Lift (in) TBD
  • Filter Cleaning Jet Pulse
  • Secondary Filter HEPA Filter (Individually Tested)
  • Weight 84.9 LBS
  • Shipping Weight (lbs) 140lbs Total (Unit=85lbs) + (Pallet=55lbs)

Tool Kit includes:

  • 2in. Hose Assembly (25ft. long)
  • 2-Piece Wand (2in. x 5ft.)
  • Floor Tool (2in. x 14.5ft.)

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Husqvarna DE 120 Features

  • Continuous High Performance

The e-flow system automatically adjust airflow to prolong time between filter cleanings-allowing longer work without interruption

  • Easy To Transport

Compact size and light weight makes this vacuum easy to transport.  Smart design has lifting points and ability to attach hose, wand and floor tools

  • Easy to Clean and Maintain

Water Protection allows for easy cleaning and decontamination of this vacuum.  Onboard monitoring gives operational maintenance for early and on-site troubleshooting

  • Improved Longopac® Attachment System

Easy-to-use attachment system and V-shaped tray ensures easy mounting

  • High Safety Standards

This vacuum complies with the latest H-class standards for dust extractors for heavy duty usage.  Contains HEPA filters (with EN1822 certification) which is separated from the pre-filter.  Integrated alarm and adjustable hose diameter indicates when it’s time to clean the filters

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DUST EXTRACTOR DE 120 120V | 1-ph | NA – 970 51 48-04

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