AMAZING Garage Floors Products and System

Amazing Garage Floors uses our own propriety products in our epoxy garage floor system.  While we began installing floors in 2007, we learned the hard way that all products are not created equal.  Our products have been manufactured to our specifications since 2009 to perform with our installation techniques to provide a fast, beautiful, durable floor consistently.  NO tire peel, hot tire stick, delamination, or other associated failures – GUARANTEED!

The Amazing Garage Floors products are used to create a hybrid flooring system that is only partially epoxy.  Our primer coat and base or body coat is epoxy. The use in these coats creates a vapor barrier with the primer coat and adds additional adhesion over a single application of epoxy only.  Our topcoat is a polyaspartic/polyurea hybrid, which includes the best characteristics of each, combined in one product.

With the standard Amazing Garage Floors® installation in a garage of a full broadcast of ¼” vinyl flakes or chips you get want many call a 4-coat system.  



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Amazing Garage Floors® Standard Installation

The Amazing Garage Floors® Floor Coating System consists of 4 distinct layers to complete your Amazing Garage Floor 

1.  Primer Coat/Vapor barrier-draws into the concrete up to 1/4″ and locks out water penetration from below the slab.  Forming a true bond with the concrete

2.  Epoxy base coat attachs to the primer coat and provides the base color of the floor (tan/brown or gray).  Bed for flakes to draw into

3.  Latex/Vinyl Flakes/Chips are fully broadcast into and covering the epoxy base coat.  Drawn into the epoxy and provide color, texture, and thickness to floor system.

4.  Our unique, low odor polyaspartic/polyurea hybrid is installed for a durable, quick curing, chemical resistant, and UV stable top coat.  Provides great texture/easy clean


Concrete floor epoxy coating systems can transform any interior concrete floor to create a slip-resistant, low-maintenance, and beautiful space.  Whether you want to transform your garage or basement or you’re looking for commercial flooring with a low lifecycle cost, we can deliver an epoxy system with superior results.

      The Amazing Garage Floors

epoxy garage floor primer installation

1. Epoxy primer (moisture barrier)

epoxy primer amazing garage floors epoxy flooring

2. Epoxy base coat

amazing garage floors epoxy flooring coat installed with full broadcast

3. Full Broadcast-vinyl flakes/chip

brown amazing garage floors epoxy flooring

4. Clear topcoat (polyaspartic/polyurea)


The RIGHT PRICE For Your Job

There has been a recent trend in many markets that we service with low priced, low skilled, and low business sensed installers popping up into this business.  They often are priced less than us, but not always (we are very well priced), but often produce unfavorable results. There are thousands of formulations of epoxy (and similar products) produced by at least hundreds of manufacturers.  Many manufacturers or individuals private labeling their products are providing a day or two of training on products and sending folks out into the business. While they may mean well, they often have only a beginner’s knowledge of how to install a floor.

The Amazing Garage Floors products and system will turn out a far superior floor in many ways to the products that nearly the entire epoxy garage floor industry uses at this time.  Then, when combined with our installation techniques and procedures, our floors cannot be beat.

Key SOME Amazing Garage Floors Advantages:

  • Very low odor top coat
  • High solids-applied without cutting/diluting (95% solids)
  • UV stable-will not yellow or amber
  • Primer/Vapor Barrier installation standard
  • High Chemical resistance
  • Extreme abrasion resistance
  • 1 Day Installation
  • Excellent Slip resistant texture
  • Easy to clean texture
  • Texture doesn’t show dust easily
Amazing Garage Floors Corvette 2