Epoxy flooring systems are the best garage floor choice on the market for its toughness, lovely shine and level of upkeep. If epoxy is not set up properly, you can experience issues with your garage flooring.

When an epoxy finish fails, it does not provide security and toughness that comes with this flooring.
Here are some typical issues with epoxy flooring systems and methods to prevent them.

Many aspects can trigger the epoxy peeling from your floor. A typical factor that makes epoxy peel is when the temperature is too hot, or cold or the air is humid.

Another element that triggers floors peeling is inappropriate preparation of the concrete floor. The flooring needs to be clean and without oil, grease, and particles. As the epoxy flooring systems dry, it moves from the flooring, triggering round holes in the surface.

Contrary to what you may think, epoxy will not stick to a smooth surface. That means that even a brand-new concrete flooring requires accurate preparation. Diamond grinding is the best preparation technique before using epoxy flooring systems. It can be tough for the typical property owner.

Moisture can collect if there’s wetness in the concrete or a distinction in the temperature of the epoxy and substrate flooring. If you etch the floor with acid, you have to make sure it’s dry before using epoxy flooring systems. You’ll have to wait for at least 24 hours after etching before continuing with the epoxy. Otherwise, wetness in the concrete’s pores will increase and trigger bubbles on the flooring’s surface.

Wetness under concrete makes pressure causing epoxy to separate from the concrete, typically taking concrete with.

Air bubbles in the epoxy can happen when using epoxy in direct sunshine or when the temperature level is too cold. They can even originate from putting epoxy on concrete that’s too porous. The cement will need proper preparation to prevent this issue and for the epoxy to seal.

You might also see air bubbles if you do not blend the epoxy properly. Mixing too quickly with a paddle mixer traps air in the epoxy making air bubbles appear on the surface when using epoxy. Do not pump the paddle mixer up and down or run it too quickly near the surface. This will draw air into the epoxy and produce an unacceptable surface.

You should follow the blending guidelines. Some items need the blended batch to sit for an induction period. Not permitting the induction might prevent your epoxy from drying and solidifying appropriately.

Air bubbles can also appear if you use epoxy when it’s too hot outside. Hot temperature levels give you less time to use the epoxy, and air bubbles can appear on the surface.

If the color of your epoxy flooring systems look off, it can be due to the incorrect blending of the epoxy. Oil or grease on the concrete can also trigger color variations. If you need to buy many packages to finish your garage, there can be color variations in the different batches. Ultraviolet light can also change the color of epoxy. If you put one batch in the sun but not the next, there might be color variations between the 2.

Epoxy flooring packages that you can buy at a house improvement shop typically will not cover the entire garage floor. An adequately prepared flooring will soak up a little bit of the epoxy. If you attempt to stretch out the material, so it covers the floor, the outcome can be epoxy flooring systems that’s too thin or not tough enough.


Using epoxy flooring systems can be challenging. You need to guarantee the concrete is correctly prepared and that the environmental conditions are right. You’ve also got to blend the epoxy properly to prevent color variations and air bubbles.

It might seem like you’ll conserve lots of cash by using an epoxy flooring finish yourself. It’s always better to leave this job to the experts. You might save some money in a short period, but, you might face issues down the road that wind up costing you much more.

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