Is It Worth It To Epoxy Garage Floor?


Yes, It is worth it to epoxy your garage floor?  When you consider the cost of a premium garage floor epoxy coating to other projects around the home.  It’s an easy decision when you take into account that the garage is often the largest room in your home.  Additionally, it’s likely the first room you see when returning from a long day of work.  Pulling into a garage with an easy to clean and colorful floor that protects your concrete investment is an easy home improvement decision.

If you are looking for an upgrade that will improve the look and function of your garage, as well as protect your concrete from damage, than an garage epoxy floor coating is what you need.  Costs for these projects vary widely regionally, as well as with the type of floor installed.  Some estimates go as low as $1/sf installed and to as high as $11/sf.  Obviously most home owners are somewhere in the middle and it really is determined by the preparation of the concrete needed, as well as the quality and quantity of product(s) required to achieve the proper floor for your needs, as well as the size of the garage project.

The most durable, and functional floor coating for a garage in most parts of the United States, is going to be a full broadcast coating.  This type of coating will add color, and make it easy to clean, but it will NOT be slippery, when properly installed.  As you drive in with rain water, or snow, you don’t want it to be slippery and hazardous.  The texture full broadcast floors, also reduces the “dirty” look of floors, as dust, dirt, leaves, etc don’t show on the floor nearly like a solid color floor.  So we will discuss the pricing and costs of a full broadcast floor, as they are the best for the garages of most homeowners.

is it worth it to epoxy garage floor
The impact of an epoxy garage floor adds to its worth

According to Home Guide, you should expect to pay $3-$7/SF for an epoxy floor coating The Average Flooring costs of $750 to $4928 for an epoxy garage floor coating

Typical Price: $5-7 per square foot installed Typical 2 car Garage: $2000-$2800

Other items to consider in the “worth” or “price” on your floor includes:

  • Protection of your garage floorConsider that concrete is damaged over time by water and chlorides (salt).  It protect the concrete garage floor from damage adding to the worth of coating your garage floor

  • Easy to cleanAdd the benefit that your garage floor will be much easier to clean an maintain with coating, adding to the long term value of having your garage floor coated

  • Improved SafetyIt will have a nice texture so the floor is not slippery when it is wet with rain and snow.  This is worth not having a slip and fall accident, costing time and money.

  • Warrantied Results-A quality, professional installation should have a warranty.  When installed properly are very durable.  With that said, all floors including wear!  Carpet, hardwoods, and even this type.  Beware of the fine print on lifetime warranty floors, but it is not uncommon to get 5-15 year warranties on durable epoxy and polyaspartic floor coatings.


I have never had anyone say that they regretted doing their garage floor with epoxy in my 14 years in the business!

Even more so, it is worth itwhen you consider that damaged concrete can be repaired and coated.  Saving your garage floor from replacement costs that can run into many thousands of dollars and a week or two without use of your garage.  Below is a video of a garage floor that we repaired and applied our system over the repaired concrete.

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