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Garage Floor Cleaner by Amazing Garage Floors

Looking for a garage floor cleaner?  Amazing Garage Floors Garage Floor Cleaner is the easiest way to clean your Amazing Garage Floor, or other epoxy floors.  We offer two formulations for all your garage floor cleaner needs!  Our standard formulation will be great for all normal or routine maintenance needs.  If you have a stubborn stain or excessive oil, then you can go with our heavy-duty formulation.  Both are concentrated and will go a LONG way toward maintaining and restoring your epoxy garage floor. Our normal formulation is 32 ounces of concentrated garage floor cleaner.  2 ounces will mix with a gallon of water, and this can clean as much as 1000 sf of epoxy flooring (I’ve done it many times) If, you feel it’s a little more stubborn, or you haven’t cleaned in a while, then you may want to mix in 4 ounces of cleaner with the gallon of water.  The best method of cleaning that we have found is:
  1. Broom out the large debris, leaves, and other “items” that have collected
  2. Mix the cleaner and water to your desired concentration, and pour onto the floor
  3. Use a stiff bristled broom to push around and agitate the garage floor cleaner into stubbornly dirty spots
  4. Rinse with clean water thoroughly to wash away the dirt and cleaner
  5. Squeegee off the remaining rinse water to a drain or out of the garage.
  6. Lightly dry the remaining water with an old rag or bath towel wrapped around the squeegee or the broom/mop
The light remaining water will dry, and you will have a beautiful looking floor again, with a light citrus smell remaining.  Each 32-ounce bottle can easily clean up to and over 5000 SF depending on usage.   Our heavy-duty garage floor cleaner is available too.  It’s only needed for heavy concentrations of oil and grease.  It will cut through the muck, and get you garage floor back into the shape you want to see it in.  Concentrated formula, and a little goes a long way. Contact your local epoxy garage floor installer for Amazing Garage Floors Garage Floor Cleaner.  You may also contact Amazing Garage Floors for you nearest supplier or have some shipped directly to you. Install epoxy garage floors?  Our cleaner is an excellent customer bonus or incentive!  Specially formulated to be tough on dirt, grease, and grime, but will not harm your epoxy garage floor installations.

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