The best anti-slip floor treatment for garage flooring is a subject that turns up each winter. When that first snow falls or the rainy season sets in, the surface of garage floors can be like an ice rink when walking on them. With that in mind, we will discuss some fast solutions and some long-term options for making your slippery garage flooring much safer to walk on.


Among the very first options for anti-slip floor treatment, for those residing in snowy climates, we suggest the use of a containment mat. They are efficient at gathering water, snow, roadway salts, and deicing fluids that can dowse a floor and produce a slippery mess. These mats do a terrific job of keeping your garage flooring dry. They are simple to use and stored until the following winter season.

For rainy climates or locations with light snow, non-slip garage floor runners are a good option for your anti-slip floor treatment. You can line them up beside your car or truck to supply a safe non-slip surface to get to the front of your garage or give you a path to the door to your house.

There is also the choice of non-slip runners that are artificial rubber and PVC vinyl. These work best with garage flooring that gets slippery from a great deal of water or snow.

One option for slippery garage floor’s anti-slip floor treatment is a pebbled artificial rubber mat. It can supply an excellent non-slip surface and can come in a range of lengths to fit your requirements. The surface dries rapidly, and it is simple to clean. As soon as winter is over, it can roll up and until it is necessary to bring them back out.

Another option is a Coin-Grip flooring runner. These are nice because they have a more custom-made appearance and can come in various colors. Like the black pebble mat, they are a great anti-slip floor treatment allowing you to walk in the garage and come in a range of lengths.


For a long-term solution to a slippery garage flooring, you have to think about garage flooring choices that will give you a non-slip surface. These will get rid of the need for non-slip mats, carpet runners, and sometimes even containment mats.

The first anti-slip floor treatment option would be garage floor paint or an epoxy garage floor with anti-slip grit included. The anti-skid additive is in the last coat to develop a soft surface for your bare feet, yet gritty to avoid slip/fall mishaps.

Painting your garage flooring and including the anti-slip grit is the least pricey option. The downside, even so, is that painted garage floorings require reapplication every year or so depending on traffic. An epoxy garage floor can last for years depending on the system you pick.

A great alternative between these two is an acrylic sealant with the anti-skid added. Include the anti-slip in the last coat for a slip-free garage floor that is relatively affordable.

Having an anti-slip floor treatment produces a safer garage. It also offers a more functional garage no matter what season it is. Whether you have a single or multi-car garage, use these ideas and services to get the safest floor for your needs.