Contrary to popular misconception, epoxy flooring is not your typical paint. Instead, it is a thermosetting resin, formed by blending epoxide resin and a polyamine hardener. When these 2 active ingredients mix, an exothermic chemical treating response takes place. It is this procedure that gives the epoxy its stunning thick surface. Garage Floor Epoxy is so durable that they can be used in the toughest environments. There are lots of benefits of having an epoxy flooring. They consist of:
Different Styles:
One can opt to have a basic solid color, a random broadcast, or a full broadcast style for a more individualized floor. Solid colors are readily available in an assortment of colors and also have a high gloss shine. With a random broadcast finish, one picks a base color then a flake color. The flakes are then randomly distributed onto the floor, and the base color is still noticeable. With a full broadcast finish, one picks a base color and a flake color. When the flakes are spread onto the floor, they are done so in such a method that when finished, the base color of the flooring is not visible. What you see is a flake strategy that to lots of people appears like granite or even stone.
Easy Maintenence
Unlike other garage floor epoxy options, many of which require regular maintenance such as stripping, waxing or buffing, epoxy creates a seamless surface, that needs very minimal maintenance. All you need to do is wipe the flooring to keep your garage looking lush and inviting. Garage floor epoxy also leave no cracks or joints for dirt, mildew or mold to grow in.
High-Performance Floor
What makes the garage floor epoxy covering resilient is its remarkable ability to stand up to different levels of stress. This includes things such as a large amount of foot traffic, heavy tool boxes, and even automobiles. Moreover, epoxy floors have unique formulas that make them the ideal topical sealers. It is both chemical and stain resistant, oil, brake fluids, anti-freeze, gas, and other caustic car chemicals can quickly be cleaned up without concern, even if it sits for a while. Rolling tool boxes, jacks, and jack stands will not harm the floor either.
Enhances the Look of your Garage
Not only can you take old, worn concrete and make it look brand name new, but our assortment of epoxy flakes will permit you to obtain a high degree of personalization over the look of your floor. Select from numerous base coat colors and add them to a great selection of flakes to make a pattern all your own that you will love for many years to come. Garage floor epoxy finishes will leave a shiny high gloss surface rather of the dull look of concrete.
There are advantages to using the full broadcast epoxy surface with your flooring. The most notable is that it can provide a superior grip, and having a good quality floor can help prevent slipping. This helps to enhance resilience and dependability, giving you a floor that you feel more secure and more confident on than before. You will discover a big improvement in your area when you use a full broadcast garage floor epoxy covering.