A complete garage floor in one day sounds great. You do not need to keep your things outside for days, but this is not always practical or even encouraged.
The Technique Behind 1 Day Garage Floor Coatings
The technology that enables a garage floor finish to be installed in one day is called a polyaspartic covering. These kinds of finishes have incredibly short working times or the time that enables the products to be used. They also have incredibly brief hardening times. The polyaspartics are exceptional top layers for a coverings system, as they offer high UV, chemical, and scratch resistance. A topcoat is just one of the layers making up an excellent chemical system. Keep reading to find out more.
Some Difficulties with 1 Day Garage Flooring Coatings
1)Polyaspartics harden so quickly that they usually do not soak in as well as epoxies. This is not due to differences in the viscosity (as both can be watered down with solvents). However, it is because epoxy takes 5x to 20x as long to harden, enabling it to soak into the ready concrete over a more extended amount of time.
2)Polyaspartics dry much faster when it’s warmer and even faster when it’s humid. So, installing these finishes in dry environments like Arizona and Nevada is not usually an issue. In places like Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia, 3 of the four seasons have warmer temperature levels that are typically accompanied by high humidity. The damp days can make it impractical for using polyaspartics on the concrete surface.
3)Polyaspartics have a low tolerance to any moisture on the surface they are being put on. Certain times of the year, the concrete is cold enough to make condensation form on the surface area of the cement. This moisture can get in the way of the bond of the first layer to the concrete.
4)Many businesses use a polyaspartic for the first layer followed by a polyaspartic second layer that has colored chips included. Due to the fast curing, the bond produced chemically or mechanically in between coats is frequently much lower than required. Installers who do not acknowledge the brief window of time in between these layers will make future separation of the layers possible when they are exposed to hot tires.
5)Unless the job needs a one-day turn-around, the majority of businesses see no advantage to making their installers go so quickly and provide them no time at all to handle any problems that come up. Given that the people installing the 1-day garage floor would need to prep the concrete and use 2 to 5 layers of polyaspartic in less than 10 hours, the installers are hurrying and typically need to cut corners.
Time and again, producers state that polyaspartics will change their setup. Months later on, they are back to advising the typical two-day jobs. Much of these makers are in environments with low humidity and more consistent temperatures. These makers typically do not comprehend the effect of the climates on their clients.
Do You Require a 1 Day Garage Floor Finish?
If you need a one-day garage floor, our business can set up an all-polyaspartic finishing system. We do have business flooring jobs that require a quick return-to-service. It is highly unlikely that any property owner would be under such pressures.