To get an epoxy floor for your garage or industrial office space, there are two options to consider. There are DIY kits or professional grade garage floor epoxy installations. Many people will try doing it themselves with a store bought DIY kit. A DIY kit does not complete all steps. Skipping steps will guarantee that it will not last for as many years. You will not want to do the procedure again in a year or two. Some professional grade garage floor epoxy has lasted for 30 years. Commercial and industrial settings have more foot traffic. They also have more spills, mishaps, or other problems that can wear epoxy down much faster. Commercial professional grade garage floor epoxy can last from 5 to 10 years. Although they can last longer.

One of the strongest floors you can have in your garage is a professional grade garage floor epoxy. It protects your floor, changing your unsightly cement into a professional looking floor. The garage is becoming more than a location where you park your vehicles. The advantages of epoxy have become one of the leading options for garage floors today. Epoxy garage floorings have specific steps that are vital for an efficient finishing. These steps include floor grinding, shot blasting, or acid etching the floor to get the concrete ready. It’s crucial to complete these steps properly, or the epoxy covering will not adhere. Fix any fractures or damages to the concrete before installing the epoxy.  Using a professional grade garage floor epoxy specialist will ensure proper preparation.
Professionals follow the needed steps to prep your concrete before adding the epoxy. These steps are something that you cannot accomplish with a DIY epoxy paint package. Many do not even suggest preparing your flooring before using them. There is a reason why experts will prepare the concrete before applying an epoxy floor. It’s what permits the finishings to properly bond to the cement. At Kasas City Amazing Garage Floors, we use diamond grinders to remove the top layer of concrete. Using a grinder takes care of any previously applied paints, coverings, or sealants. Removing this layer is a crucial step. It will make the concrete permeable and includes a deep scratch pattern.  This ensures that the epoxy coating will correctly adhere to the concrete.
The largest difference between a professional grade garage floor epoxy and the DIY epoxy kit is the sealant . Polyurethane is a 2 part polymer that solidifies much like epoxy and is a sealant and protectant. When used in the color coat and top coat with epoxy, it will resist the yellowing from sun exposure. This finishing defends against scratches, chips, and spots. Gas, oil, roadway salt and anti-freeze will not leave a mark.
If you want a long lasting floor, you will not get it with a DIY epoxy kit. A professional grade garage floor epoxy has the components to be long-term. These factors include exceptional product, correct surface preparation, and a scratch-resistant finish. It is going to last.