Tips For Hiring a Professional Garage Floor Epoxy Specialist

An epoxy floor installation is a sophisticated task that is best handled by professionals. Hiring a professional garage floor epoxy contractor that specializes in epoxy garage floor coating services is essential. Below are some steps to follow when looking for a contractor.

1. Research

There are several styles of epoxy garage floor coatings. Make sure you do your homework to help decide which type of garage floor coating may be best for you. Doing this will help in cutting out any contractors that do not use the particular coating you are searching for.

2. Insurance and Bonded

Next, you want to ensure that the professional is licensed and insured. The most efficient opportunity to ask this is during the first inquiry to the company. In the event that they do have a license, ask for the license number, and then make sure to validate it thru your state. You can do this on the web. Hiring anyone to put in a garage floor that does not possess a license is not a good idea.  Have them provide a copy of the documentation for their insurance upon a visit to your home. Reputable and responsible contractors will also be bonded and even insured for liability and workers compensation. Liability insurance will deal with any damages that can be caused to your property. A bond is going to offer protection to you if the contractor fails to execute the job after payment or perhaps does not meet a certain financial obligation for materials or labor which may get back to you through a lien.

3. Check the Reputation of the Business

Then, before hiring, you need to examine the organization’s reputation. Check with the consumer protection agency and with the Better Business Bureau. Next, browse for company reviews online. Ask the company for references, including some prior customers, that they have had you can talk to. Any credible company will also maintain a portfolio they would be more than happy to show you for reference.

4. Get Quotes

When looking for hiring a specialist for epoxy garage floors, don’t expect phone quotes. Reputable flooring specialists will typically expect a site visit initially before quoting a price. They may offer you an idea of fees per square foot, but that would certainly be it.

Make sure that all work to be completed is in writing when you have decided on hiring a specific company. The contracts should have all specifics necessary to perform the job. Do not trust in merely a handshake to ensure your job will be finished. If important, you can request the contract to provide a timeline consisting of a beginning and a finish date. Review your contract carefully, paying close attention to any service warranties that are included with your new epoxy garage floor.