Fall is fast approaching. The summer went fast, and there was not enough time to get all your updates done that you wanted to. Are you still wanting to give your garage floor an update? It is not too late for applying epoxy and getting that fresh new look you want.
It is possible for contractors to continue applying epoxy throughout the winter months. This does, of course, depend on the region in which you reside. Because the temperature will affect the cure time of epoxy, it is best to apply it when temperatures are above 55 degrees. That does not mean that it can not be done, it will just take longer for the epoxy to cure.

Here are three helpful tips if you will be applying epoxy in temperatures lower than 55 degrees:


1. Check for Temperature Restrictions

If you are using multiple step process, it is best to check the temperature requirements for each product you are using. For instance, the primer you are using may have different conditions than say the epoxy itself or even the top coat you are applying.
While checking for temperature restrictions, you may also want to keep in mind that when applying epoxy, it is best to not do so during the most humid times. Again, check your products for any restrictions as each product may have different requirements.

2. Warm the Room/Floor

If you are applying epoxy in colder temperatures, you will want to keep in mind that temperature plays a huge roll in how fast it cures. If necessary, you may place space heaters around the area to help warm up the room and the floor. Doing this will help give a shorter curing time for the epoxy.
Contractors will also want to warm the materials that they will be using. Warming products will make sure that they are not too cold when trying to mix and apply. Not only will keeping your epoxy and other materials warm allow the products to mix better; but using colder materials and placing on top of the floor you warmed for the better curing times is counterproductive, to say the least.

3. Use the Right Products

When you are checking your temperature requirements on the products you want to use, there is another element to consider. There are specific products you can purchase for applying epoxy in colder temperatures.
Again, while it is possible for contractors to apply epoxy in fall and winter months, you will want to bear in mind that while it is often a 1-day job in the warmer months, it will take longer in the colder temperatures. Applying epoxy in your garage is something that can happen year-round if precautions are made to ensure that the product mixes well and has a longer cure time.
Check with your local contractors if you have any questions, they will be sure to be able to help you.