After you have done a little research and believe Amazing Garage Floors is the best solution for your home or project, it’s time to make contact with us and schedule an appointment for an evaluation of your project.  At that time we can evaluate the project, answer any questions you may have, determine your color selection, and provide you with the price to complete your project.  We will be asking you about the goals of the project, how you intend to use your floor, and any history you can provide about the floor, if we notice any odd damage or cracks.  Once it’s determined that the floor is a candidate for an Amazing Garage Floor, we can proceed to an estimate.

All Amazing Garage Floor projects are determined by the scope of the work that needs to be performed.  We are experts in evaluating the work that is needed and what it will take to install our flooring system in your home.  We don’t just throw out some price per square foot!  This is a huge advantage as it comes to larger floors, as we are so well equipped and trained we find that larger floors only take slightly longer than say a 2 car garage floor.  We are a process, and all steps have to be taken regardless of the size of the garage.