Anyone can buy flooring kits at hardware stores. So, you would think they make good Do-It-Yourself projects. But, there’s a reason individuals pay experts for a professional epoxy garage floor.

Expert flooring finishings use innovative polymer substances. The Do It Yourself sets use a couple of layers of epoxy or urethane. Comparing the two consists of thinking about more elements besides ease of application.


You can get DO-IT-YOURSELF epoxy flooring kits at a reasonably low-cost. If you don’t like to invest cash in home renovation, you can save money in advance with DO-IT-YOURSELF sets. But, these packages are not the simple weekend job you may envision.

It can be challenging to prepare the cement with Do-It-Yourself epoxy kits. You have to rent a grinder or sander to prep the concrete. It’s difficult to get the appearance that you can get with a professional epoxy garage floor. Spreading and dispersing the color chips takes ability and experience. The Do-It-Yourself epoxy sets will often last a year or 2. They’re not expert quality. In garages or basements that see little action, a DIY finish can chip, peel, yellow, and break down quickly.


Durable concrete floors from an expert are not only the easier method; it’s the better method. St. Louis Amazing Garage Floors will tailor to your garage’s needs after diamond grinding and repairing the concrete. After the preparation of the concrete, we apply a primer coat of epoxy. We follow the primer coat with a gray or tan colored base coat. Then, we add the fully broadcast vinyl flakes or chips and vacuum up the loose ones. At this point, we wait 3 to 4 hours for this to dry and then, we add a clear polyaspartic top coat. Our professional epoxy garage floor not only coats the cement but reinforces it. This floor covering works for indoor or outdoor use and has UV defense from fading.

For a professional epoxy garage floor that has a showroom-quality look, hire the experts. Contact us to get a quote for the best flooring for you.