preparing home for sale

Preparing Your Home For Sale

Statista predicts 5.67 million home units will be sold in the US in 2019. If you are part of this group and you want to sell your house for top dollar this year, make a point of sprucing it up and ensuring it is in pristine condition. Preparing your home for sale takes a lot more than an immaculately trimmed lawn and a freshly painted door. Sure, those are vital, as first impression is important for home buyers. However, curb appeal aside, floors, ceilings, and walls are the first things potential home buyers look at. They want a house that is as move-in ready as possible. That said, fixing cracks on the floors and walls, and getting rid of ceiling stains is key if you want them scurrying for their checkbooks. While there are many ways one can prepare their home for sale, the following tips make for the highest yields.


Repair Or Revamp Your Garage

When it comes to resale value, repairing one’s garage was listed among the projects with the highest payoff, according to a Cost Vs Value report by Remodeling Magazine. While most homeowners overlook this, a good looking garage is worth its weight and in gold. You should, therefore, ensure your garage from its floors to its walls and doors, is in top-notch condition. Grease-stained floors are a major turnoff for homebuyers. If you have these, pour a paint thinner over the stain followed by an absorbent material. This can either be sawdust, cornmeal, baking soda or cat litter. Let the mixture sit overnight. In the morning, sweep it with a push broom and – voila`- stain gone. Dust the garage’s walls and corners to get rid of cobwebs and accumulated dust particles.

If you have chipped or broken tiles, consider having them replaced. As for dented or scratched wooden floors, a refinish should come in handy. Ensure the garage door works properly, and apply a fresh coat of paint for appeals sake. The garage should meet local codes and safety criteria. Poisonous chemicals and flammable products should, therefore, be stored out of the reach of children and pets. Install a smoke detector if you do not have one. Replace any burnt out bulbs. Lastly, clean and declutter the space. Only then should you stage it for the open house.


Light Is Your Friend

Lighting is one of the hottest interior design trends of 2019. Natural light especially is one of the factors most homebuyers look out for. You should, therefore, take a chunk of time for this. A great place to start would be with windows. Clean your windows inside and outside and then polish them. Replace any broken windows. If there are any trees that cast shadows or cause reflections on your windows, they should be pruned. Replace heavy curtains with modern, trendy sheer curtains which allow in as much natural light as possible. Secondly, you can implore the use of high wattage bulbs and light fixtures in rooms with small windows or darker rooms. You can also use paint to add light in a dark room by applying a coat of light-reflective paints.


Clean Like Your Life Depends On It

Spring clean your home before putting it up for sale. Vacuum like you never have before. Dust light fixtures, get rid of cobwebs and wipe counter tops and surfaces. Get rid of bad odor in the house. Baking soda and vanilla extracts can be especially instrumental for this especially when it comes to bad refrigerator odor. Polish mirrors and faucets. Arrange closets, drawers, and shelves. Clean the bathtub or shower area thoroughly, including soap dishes, and then hang fresh towels in the bathroom. Whatever you do, ensure the house sparkles and smells fresh.


Mow your lawn, plant flowers, weed your garden, prune bushes and fences and ensure that your grass is healthy and green. These elements will add to the house’s appeal. Fix any leaking roofs, sinks or faucets. Unclog all drainage systems and gutters. Update your kitchen and employ the use of earthy toned, light grey and white decor. Only then will you be able to make the most money out of your home sale. By following the above tips, you will have offers trickling in within days of putting your property on the market.