Polyaspartic finishes started around 20 years ago for finishing steel. By adding the polyaspartic finishes, it would protect the steel from corrosion. It’s efficiency at protecting from corrosion soon resulted in its usage to protect concrete. People soon discovered that polyaspartic finishes also protect concrete floors. This finish is often applied as a top coat, to help with deterioration protection. Because of its protective qualities, polyaspartic finishes make an outstanding epoxy concrete floor sealer. When facilities have an epoxy floor installed, they count on this finish to protect their floor.


Polyaspartic coatings make an excellent epoxy concrete floor sealer. They protect your new epoxy floor from spills, foot traffic and general wear-and-tear. This great protection is why we at Kansas City Amazing Garage Floors use a this as our sealer.

Facilities should choose an epoxy floor covering with terrific toughness and cleanability. Polyaspartic coverings could withstand severe abrasions, chemicals, modest effect, punctures, stains. This sealant has endured greater temperature compared with various other finishes. The epoxy concrete floor sealer does not need routine resurfacing treatments. Additionally, the polyaspartic epoxy floor sealers are UV-resistant. So, the floor will not become yellow after time if they are outdoors.


At Kansas City Amazing Garage Floors, our product installation time is one day. This is a great advantage for businesses and homes alike. Most businesses will not want to close for an extended period to have a new floor installed. Our polyaspartic sealants typically have a low odor for installation. This offers very little disturbance to your daily routine. We work hard to ensure that your site installation and treatment is complete in one day. Unlike plastic flooring or carpet, quality epoxy concrete floor sealer does not have an odor after installation.


We add polyaspartic epoxy concrete floor sealer to decorative epoxy floor finishings as well. We also use this finish as a topcoat or in various multi-coat, stand-alone systems. Colored chips or colored quartz blends can produce a range of looks to enhance any industrial décor. Epoxy floor finishes and sealants are versatile for any decor.

Your concrete floor may appear tough, but without the proper treatment, it will show wear far too soon. Installing an epoxy floor with sealant, you are getting a durable floor that is sure to last for years to come. Whether you have a home garage or business space, a Polyaspartic coating can give you a strong defense for your floor.