Amazing Garage Floors offers our dealers an opportunity to start or expand their existing business. Today’s homeowners are smart and know the value of a hiring a trained professional. Homeowners are staying in their homes longer, spending more time at home with family, and upgrading their existing homes.

Amazing Garage Floors has the right product, service, and fit for the busy, and value conscious, homeowners that are seeking to upgrade, repair, and protect their home today. No longer are garage floor coatings just for the elite, and wealthiest homeowners.

Epoxy garage floors are becoming much more common for those that want a clean garage, and show pride of home ownership. These floors end up being a great place for neighborhood gatherings, poker nights, and more.

The garage upgrade industry has been thriving for nearly a decade, and continues to be one of the hottest markets in the home improvement industry. Our dealers are enjoying the ability for quickly, and efficiently fill the need of these homeowners and delight them with our results, back by a warranty that they can depend on.