Earlier this afternoon I got a comment on our Amazing Garage Floors Facebook page that stated basically “I hear your floors are paper thin and you apply your product at 200 SF per Gallon”  I deleted the comment a few minutes later from a local troll that tries to install epoxy garage floors and numerous other floor coatings, but now I wished that I had not.  Since I can’t get it back, I decided that I’d go ahead and educate him and others about coatings and product applications, as many installers and consumers are misguided and this is often misunderstood.

"I hear your floors are paper thin and you apply your product at 200 SF per Gallon"

The reality is that we install a number of products but ALL TO THIER SPECIFICATIONS and by trained installers that are familiar with the products and systems we install.  While it’s likely the Amazing Garage Floors system that he is referring to, it’s difficult to tell, but we do draw criticism by other operations like this since we install so many floors, and they grow frustrated with our prices and quality.  So many of them are only Facebook and YouTube trained via online groups or maybe a 1 or 2 day class, it’s hard to compete with a company like us and our decades long relationships with suppliers and leaders in the industry around the county.  In reality, we install coatings from 40 to 800 SF per gallon, as specified by the manufacturer specifications.

We install coatings from 40 to 800 SF per Gallon as specified by manufacturer

You see there are thousands of coatings made for thousands of applications.  Some go down thin, some go down thick.  Some go down in certain temperatures and conditions.  Some are made to bond, other are made to hold up to abuse and wear from above, others to hold back moisture and more!  The myth that their is some one size fits all epoxy for every application is just that a myth!  Most get sold that theirs is the best by some commisioned sales rep, that really doesn’t much care if it works or not, as long as they buy it, and buy lots of it before his quarter ends and his bonus is calculated.  

One size fits all epoxy for every application is a myth!

What you want as a homeowner is a system that has been tried and tested.  We have not altered the Amazing Garage Floor system since 2009.  I’m going to let you in on a little secret as to why!  (We don’t need to change-IT WORKS!)  We have had instances and failures but we have always been able to identify the reason for the failure and it is almost always due to an employee not doing something properly, so that’s why we now have a master technichian on every job (10 years or more and 1000 installations or more).  Even more importantly, is that if there is a failure-WE DEAL WITH IT.  I challenge any competitior to find just 1 floor in the Kansas City area that we didn’t fix or replace-JUST 1.  Things happen and we deal with it!  

"Master Technichian on every job (10+ years AND 1000+ installations)"

I believe it is possible that Alex is still upset that we didn’t hire him about a decade ago.  He didn’t even make it past an initial phone call to a second call, since he so obviously wasn’t a fit for our company.  I did go ahead and look up a little on his company and found that his business address is a UPS Store, so that should make it nice and difficult to find him, should you ever need to.  I also see that he lists 15 years in business on his website, while the BBB has him listed as 1 year in business.  These are a couple of the typical things I find with Facebook marketers and non business owners that apply floors and try to compete with real, reputable companies.  However, I will not go on his Facebook and attempt to harm his business.

With Amazing Garage Floors® you can feel free to stop by our office in Olathe and see one of our floors or we have another garage showroom in the Stillwell, KS area.  Please call in advace and we can make sure someone is there to let you in and meet with you.  We install lots of floors in the Kansas City area, and we train folks from aroudn the county to be successful in this industry, but we will make time to meet with you.

Buy with confidence-CHOOSE AMAZING

rolls royce epoxy floor Kansas City
Rolls Royce on a paper thin floor 🙂