At Amazing Garage Floors, our dealers share the goal of providing only the highest quality floor finishing installation products and services that delight our clients, backed by an outstanding warranty. We also want our dealers to be successful!

At Amazing Garage Floors we’ve installed hundreds of floors in locations around the country. We know the importance of having the proper equipment to the job right, and that equipment can be expensive. We don’t require our dealers to purchase any “package” of equipment that they may never have a need for. We assist each dealer in obtaining their equipment and building the package that’s right for their business goals.

Amazing Garage Floor dealers own their equipment and are not going to have to go rent something to get their job done. This is a very basic part of being in business, and many garage floor applicators, have to run out and rent, haul, and return the equipment when they get finished. Owning your equipment will put you ahead of half you competition before you even start.

With our manufacturer discounts, you’ll be several thousand dollars ahead of someone else purchasing the same floor grinder and vacuum as well. Dealer should anticipate an initial equipment purchase in the range of $10,000 to $15,000. This would include and enclosed trailer, floor grinders, vacuum, hoses, hand tools, rollers, etc. Amazing Garage Floors can build your package, or you may build it yourself if you prefer.