In this article are five misconceptions that you may have heard about custom garage floors.

MISCONCEPTION #1- Professional Custom Garage Floors are incredibly costly!

If you call a few of the shadier garage transformation organizations, you might get quoted an overly pricey cost.

An expertly installed, epoxy floor need not cost a ridiculous amount. It may not always be low-cost, but neither was that SUV that you will look so much better on a stunning (well done) garage flooring finish.

And, do not get tricked by the # of layers some other businesses talk up, the mathematics does not always add up.

MISCONCEPTION #2- All custom garage floors are the same, so buy a package at the store.

Expert, custom garage floors are a lot more than a garage epoxy set. Not all epoxy garage flooring kits are bad. All the packages you buy at a big box, hardware shop or paint shop are bad. You can buy some good sets on the internet. They will still be inferior to an expertly used, epoxy and polyaspartic garage flooring finish.

MISCONCEPTION #3- Epoxy is merely an expensive word for paint.

Well, if this misconception is true then we can compare anything. Epoxy can be considered paint since the definition of paint is any liquid that, after a thin application to a surface, transforms into a solid layer. All paint is most certainly NOT an epoxy.

Epoxy is a treated final product of epoxy resins and hardeners. Our epoxies have better bond strength as well as chemical, UV, and abrasion resistance. They are way more versatile than paint.

MISCONCEPTION #4- Simply clean the garage flooring, and you can cover it with epoxy.

We would love it to be that simple. To guarantee an epoxy is going to bond well, prepping the concrete flooring well is important. This includes getting rid of loose cement, removing surface impurities, opening concrete pores, and making a rough surface for adhesion.

While acid etching will work for a Do It Yourself set, a professional business should not use this method. Depending on surface conditions and the finish used, the garage floor must be diamond ground or shot-blasting. Diamond grinding is usually the best approach.

MISCONCEPTION #5- You need to renovate the custom garage floors every 1-3 years to keep it looking nice.

This might have truth to it if the finish is from a DIY epoxy kit, the surface wasn’t prepped adequately, or the installers did not correctly use the professional grade finish.

The majority of house owners will get 10 and 20 years of service from our original finishings. The most common concerns we see with long-term consumers is that they let road gunk and ice melts accumulate, making the garage floor appear dull.

If you have questions about custom garage floors, call Kansas City Amazing Garage Floors. We would love to help.