You’ve got yourself a brand new epoxy commercial floor finish. It looks beautiful. Clients will love the new, clean, fresh look. Now what? How do you maintain and properly care for this floor to keep it looking new for years to come?
This new epoxy commercial floor will need some to little maintenance. That is one of the many benefits. But, it will still need some.

Do you want to keep your new epoxy commercial floor finish looking great for years to come? Follow these three tips:


1) Sweep and Mop

Use the broom and mop to clean dirt and grime daily. While doing this may not seem vitally important, it will remove the dirt and grime. If left on the floor for an extended period, it can dull the finish of your new epoxy floor. Doing this is especially important for floors that receive a high volume of traffic. There are specific cleaners approved for epoxy finishes, make sure what you are using is one of them. And before trying a new cleanser, test an inconspicuous area to make sure it will not damage the floor.

2) Clean Spills Up

Yes, one of the benefits of your epoxy finish is that it is resistant to stains. However, one still needs to clean up spills as soon as possible. Over time harsh chemicals can wear on your floor. Not only that, but many are hazardous to our health! Take the time to stop and clean up the spill as soon as you can.

3) Avoid Sharp Objects

You have a beautiful new epoxy commercial floor finish in your garage that you can wheel around your tool carts on without damaging them, right? Yes, but you do need to maintain the wheels on your tool carts, vehicles, or anything else you will want to move around. Why? Wheels that are do not receive proper maintenance can eventually get sharp grooves in them or other imperfections. These imperfections can subsequently cause damage to your epoxy floor.
Although your new epoxy commercial floor finish will hold up to things getting dropped on it, one should take care. This is especially true with sharp-edged items. Even if you drop items a couple of times and nothing happens, eventually, something will. Take care to have your floor last as long as possible.
One of the perks of your epoxy commercial floor is that less maintenance is required to keep your floor looking great! Epoxy floors are growing in popularity as a choice for floors in commercial spaces, most likely in part due to this. The maintenance is super easy. And, even if your company uses janitorial services to take care of the essential day to day cleaning, most companies should have the items necessary to care for your new epoxy commercial floor properly.