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How To Care For An Epoxy Floor

How To Care For an Epoxy Floor

Many people consider epoxy coating as the best and most popular choice when it comes to choosing a garage floor finish because of its many tried and tested benefits. A lot of commercial and industrial establishments also use Epoxy floor coatings because when applied over concrete floors, they can provide excellent performance, giving them a smooth and durable surface that can endure heavy loads and make the floor last many years. Vehicles and other heavy objects in the garage require a very durable flooring surface because they are frequently moved in and out. Epoxy coated floors are known for their resilience and toughness, requiring minimal maintenance to keep them in top shape. Therefore, even with years of continuous garage use, you can expect the floor to maintain its high luster. However, maintaining an epoxy floor is reasonably easy only when you observe some simple practices. 

Best practices for caring for epoxy garage floors

1. Do regular and proper maintenance

Floor surfaces should be regularly kept free from dirt and grit, especially if you are often moving your vehicles off the floor. If you will not do this on a regular basis and just allow the dirt to settle, which can embed in or scratch the epoxy floor surface. Overtime, multiple scratches can show damage no matter how tough the epoxy floor is. A shop vacuum can do the job but choose one with a soft bristle brush attachment. This gently removes dust and dirt, to mitigate scratches on your floor. Also, it is recommended to dust mop at least once a week, the frequency of dust mopping and vacuuming will also depend on how much you have used and soiled your garage at a certain time.

Use diluted ammonia as a cleaning solution with warm water to clean your epoxy floors. Pour around 3 to 5 ounces of ammonia into a gallon of hot water and use that to mop the floors. Do not use harsh chemical products that have citrus or vinegar, for it removes the glossy finish of the epoxy floor. Additionally, avoid using a soap-based cleaner. Soap-based floor cleaners leave overcasts on the floor that buildup on epoxy finish that causes the floor to become dangerously slippery when wet. Using a power-washer is optional, but a deck brush or scrub brush will always do the trick and prevent damage from power washing.

Outside the garage, place a doormat or a walk-off mat to help remove the dirt, snow, or water from the shoes of anyone coming inside. On winters, it is best to have a longer mat outside.

Keep your floors in good shape by deep cleaning your whole garage every other month or as frequently as you need.

2. Clean up chemicals properly

Car chemicals, gasoline, antifreeze, brake fluid, and oil can be easily spot cleaned with a paper towel or multi-purpose shop towel. Chemicals, regardless of its source, must always be cleaned immediately because they can cause headaches, respiratory issues, and allergic reactions. Although epoxy floor coatings can resist stains, even gas and motor oils will damage epoxy floors if left alone for too long. All-purpose cleaners, course liquids, and paint also need to be cleaned up as soon as possible.  Battery acid should not be allowed onto epoxy, as it will quickly discolor and damage the epoxy floor as well as the concrete below the epoxy coating.

Industrial epoxy floors can take on significant damage; however, they are not immune to physical changes such as discoloration and smell when exposed to chemicals. Furthermore, it weakens the durability of the coating. Since chemical spills can frequently happen in an environment with vehicles, it is best always to have a neutralizing agent in your garage. Before washing chemicals with water, use a neutralizer to avoid unwanted reactions from concentrated chemicals. After that, use a cleaning cloth such as chamois or a rubber or foam squeegee to remove any remaining liquid.

how to care for your epoxy garage floor

3. Protect the floor from damages

As with any other situation, prevention is always better than the cure. Protect your floors by using mats and plywood as an extra platform. When dealing with heavy loads, make sure the area is free from debris that may scratch the surface, especially before using rolling jacks.

Additionally, do not forget to use a welding mat for the whole welding area to shield the floor from the heat and splatters. While using lifters or jacks with heavy items, add half-inch plywood as a platform that shields the floor from injuries. For garages with motorcycles, set a small mat under the bike stand to avoid scratches on the coating.

Use a high-quality household floor wax for easier cleaning and added protection. It also adds an extra shine to the floor.

4. Spot clean as needed

Instead of cleaning the whole place on a daily basis, it is easier to spot clean the areas that need help. For small spaces with dry dirt, sweep it or vacuum the dirt up. For spilled liquids, remove the solid debris and accumulated dirt first before spot cleaning with degreaser and shop towel.  Then mopping the area with hot water. Since epoxy floors are water-resistant, they are relatively fast to clean with proper installation of a quality floor system.

In case of stains, use a soft scrubbing pad to remove spots without scrubbing too hard. Rust spots are common in garages and places that have heavy equipment. There is no need to worry because it easy to remove rust stains without the need for steel wool. If the stains are stubborn, use rust removing agent to help remove it faster.


5. Erase tire marks

Tire marks make your garage look dirtier than it is, mainly if it builds up from not being cleaned for weeks. A quick solution for this is a concrete degreaser. Degreasers (like Simple Green) can help remove the oil stains and tire marks from epoxy floors without having to scrub every inch of the floor or rinsing the area. It draws up the oils from the floor then dries it up into a powder so it can be easily cleaned. Drip the degreaser on the tire marks and stains and let it saturate for around 10 minutes, depending on how heavy the marks are. Once the liquid has dried up, sweep the floors to get rid of the dirt. You may also use a soft nylon brush to scrub the marks gently. For hard to remove spots, repeat the same steps, then sweep the spots away.


For Amazing Garage Floors we typically recommend the following cleaning procedures: To clean spills for basic oil or other automotive fluid leaks and stubborn stains: Clean up liquid spills or fluid spills up when as soon as you see them with a degreaser like Simple Green and a soft rag or shop towels. This is just a spot treatment in the area to remove the fluid spill. If it doesn't wipe up immediately and we feel it's a more stubborn stain, get some extra scrubbing power with a soft scrub pad with a little more degreaser or Dawn dishwashing soap with a little elbow grease. Don't overdue the scrubbing and scratch the coating and rinse with clean water to remove soapy residue, and wipe off with a soft cloth or microfiber towel. For routine cleaning or routine maintenance of the entire floor: Amazing Garage Floors preferred cleaning method recommends cleaning the solid debris, like grass, leaves, dirt, twigs a dust mop work great! We then recommend using the Amazing Garage Floors cleaning product, if available to you, or other ammonia based cleaner in water. Pour the water on the floor and aggitate with a scrubbing brush like a stiff bristled broom until you fill you have detached any salt film or residue as well as any attached debris, and rinse with clean, cold water by pouring on the floor Now with a clean epoxy floor take a moment to enjoy and inspect for damaged areas and address as by repair as soon as possible to limit the damage. If you have a warranty on your Amazing Garage Floor, give your local installer a call and get the situation repaired as soon as possible. Regular cleaning is an important thing to do to maintain the overall look and last of your epoxy garage floor.

Epoxy garage floors look good and are easy to clean. They are heavy-duty and resilient, but that does not mean they are unbreakable. Although cleaning epoxy floors may be simple, you must not neglect them. Expect these floors to deteriorate with time if not maintained and appropriately protected. Since epoxy floors are resistant to dust, liquid, and dirt, taking care of them is hassle-free.  If you have any questions or would like to get a Epoxy floor for your home or place of business give Amazing Garage Floors a call today at 913.901.7139 or contact us with our contact form.

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