Garage Floors Epoxy Coating

Garage floors epoxy coating will protect and make your garage easier to clean. Your garage gets the most use and abuse of any room in your home. If you take pride in your garage you should consider coating your floor with an epoxy coating.  The garage is likely the hardest working room in your home and garage floors make the clean up easy.  Epoxy coating also protect the concrete from damage due to salt/ice melters, and auto fluid leaks, like oil.

Properly installed epoxy floors in garages, can and will last for many years, decades even.  Hot tires are not an issue with properly installed garage floors, using quality products, and installation techniques.  Polyaspartic top coats also resist nearly all stains, are UV stable, and more abrasion resistant than traditonal epoxies.  While costs have been driven down substatially with improved techniques, and product pricing drops as polyaspartics have become the most popular topcoat in the garage floor industry.

garage floors epoxy coating

Some of the most common questions asked about garage floors epoxy coating are:

We will answer all of these questions to the best of our knowledge in “normal circumstances”  Please be aware that concrete varies, construction techniques, also vary around the country for a number of reasons.  These are best answered by your local installer of Amazing Garage Floors products, and feel free to contact your local professional.

How long do garage floors with epoxy last?

A quality epoxy garage floor coating should last a decade or more without any or very little repair or maintenace.  Amazing Garage Floors has been installing floors since 2007 and we have not altered out epoxy coatings since early 2009.  We have yet to have anyone wear through their floor, and if they did it would be covered by out 15 year or more warranty.  It is possible, for you to wear through any floor, in theory, so we cover that for 15 years or more.  The reality is that would should likely last 30 years or more.

How Expensive are garage floors with epoxy?

Prices vary widely from DIY products, to professional installations with many stops in between.  For a typical installation installed by Amazing Garage Floors, you should anticipate at least $2000 for a floor.  Larger floors obviously cost more, as do options and addtions, such as repairs.  Other additions may include steps, foundation or footing walls, borders, and more.  We will take a look at your project and see what work is needed.  Please keep in mind that this is a premium product, and premium service.  We strive to not only produce the best looking floors in any garage, but produce a floor quickly, cleanly, and beautifully, that doesn’t impact your life for a week or more.

Is an epoxy floor easy to clean?

Perhaps one of the best feautures of garage floors with epoxy is that they are so easy to clean.  We have a cleaner available if you would like to use our cleaner.  Additonally, we recommend products like, Simple Green, for oily situations, or Dawn or Ivory soaps to clean up a little dirt and dust.

Is a garage floor with epoxy slippery?

The short answer is no.  With the texture we leave behind with our Amazing Garage Floors, you will find the floor has much more slip resistance than most plain concrete garage floor finishes.  Other cleaners, may leave a residue that when water gets added in may add to the slip hazard.  However, as a rule our floors have more, not less traction than the floor that was existing.

Hopefully this has been useful in your search for the best garage floors epoxy coating for your home.

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