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The garage floor can be so much more than just a piece of concrete floor. Boxed in by a garage door and a walls that’s attached to your home.  We all know that concrete floors are difficult to keep clean, and stain easily.  Oil, and other vehicle fluids, discoloring the garage floor, and making it unsightly.  Your garage floor should have an epoxy floor coating to enhance it’s color, and make it easy to clean.

A properly installed epoxy floor will be durable and likely consist of several coats of epoxy.  Before choosing they type of garage floor you desire, understand there are many garage floor types.  Most garage floors already have some type of sealer on the floor.  These sealers were likely installed to enhance the curing process, and add protection.  It is imperative that these sealers are removed in order to have adhesion or bonding to the concrete floor.

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If your garage floor is used daily for typical in and out driving with a little rain, snow, and dirt.  Consider the fact that the garage floor may be slick at times if it doesn’t have texture.  Additionally, too much texture, and you’ll find it’s difficult to maintain cleanliness.  Consider, your color choice may also be selected to co-ordinate with existing garage wall colors.  If you believe it’s time to change the wall color, it’s recommended to do it prior to the floor coating installation.

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A full chip broadcast floor is the most popular type of garage flooring today.  Due to it’s ability to hide dirt within it’s texture and give texture to resist slipping.  It is the vinyl chips or flakes that add the color and texture to the garage flooring.  These help add to the build or thickness of the floor as well, adding to the durability.

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