Garage Floor Resurfacing

Garage floor resurfacing is likely the most important part of any garage floor project.  While the types of coatings and applications are important as well, those can fail if the preparation is not done or done properly.  The predominant means of garage floor preparation is diamond grinding with a planetary floor grinder.  These grinders are typically run on electricity, but propane and gasoline engines will also run these grinders.

Grinding a garage floor surface is key in that it not only removes dirt, oil, and grime that accumulates over the years.  Actually, those are likely the least of your worries.  The removal of sealers that were likely put on the concrete surface when it was installed, is important to remove.  These sealers act as coating really, and do not let epoxy or other 2 part industrial grade surface protectors to penetrate and bond with the concrete surface.  Often these sealers are acrylic, and are considered “bond breakers.”  Surface grinding needs to go deep enough into the concrete to remove any such coating.

garage floor resurfacing
garage floor resurfacing may include removing failed glue and adhesives

Garage Floor Resurfacing Is Crucial For Successful Floor Installations

Removing these existing coatings will allow epoxy or other types of coatings to adhere to the concrete.  Diamond grinding creates “grooves” and texture to the concrete, which will “extend” or “magnify” the surface area, as well as allow penetration of primers to the surface of the concrete.  It’s this penetration or adhesion that allows for a bond to the concrete.  Without this primer installation you are subject to failure if moisture ever penetrates the concrete.  Keep in mind that concrete is a porous material that is subject to moisture penetration when water levels increase.  This excessive moisture can cause epoxy failures if a proper moisture barrier/primer is not installed during the flooring installation process.



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