Garage Floor Epoxy For Your Home

Garage floor epoxy is one of the hottest trends in the home improvement industry today.  After a long day of work, most of us pull into the garage when we get home.  It’s nice to have a nice, clean organized garage for that moment when you do arrive home.  There are a number of options that you can go with in order to achieve the desire results in this garage improvement.

Perhaps the first decision you should make with your garage floor epoxy project is whether or not you want to take this type of project on yourself, or if you want to hire a professional to do the work in your garage.  Costs are often a determining factor in this, as most of us have a budget to work with.  You should probably ask yourself, if you feel up for a garage floor epoxy project, and do a little reasearch into products, and processes that you may be required to do.  The installation of any epoxy floor project is a series of steps, that can be fairly detailed, and it’s a process, should one of these steps in the process go badly, you may ruin the entire garage floor epoxy project, so be careful.

Probably the biggest key to any epoxy floor project is the preparation of the concrete, and their are 3 main ways in which you may achieve the proper level of preparation.  First is and acid etch, which is the way that most home owners attempt to achieve the preparation.  It’s not a method of preparation that professionals will use, so pay attention and do all your testing if you attempt to acid etch your concrete.  The others two methods are possible by renting the equipment, and that would be either a diamond grinder, or a shot blast machine.  Diamond grinding is the preferred method, as it’s less technical in order to achieve preparation, without damaging the floor, as you could do with using a shot blaster.  Equipment like this can likely be rented for $300-$400 a day, and you should also include a vacuum system that will collect the dust, and may cost another $100 a day or so.

Next would be the garage floor epoxy coating that you choose to install.  These kits may be purchased at a local home improvement store or paint store.  We highly recommend that you look at the reviews of the products, and hopefully find others that have used it in your area, as concrete varies by region throughou the United States.  Online is another place to look and there are a number of forums out there with good information.  One that has done a great job is

There will also be a number of other items that will certainly make your garage floor epoxy project go smoother.  Spiked shoes, roller handles, 18″ rollers, buckets, gloves, and more will be vital to have on hand as the project begins.  We recommend thinking through the enitre garage floor project prior to mixing any epoxy and beginning the actual project.  A couple of extra runs to the hardware store will keep you from making a disaster out of the entire epoxy garage floor project.  Something like this can normally be completed in one weekend, and you will need to check your data sheets as to the cure times for your temperatures and humidities as you do you installation.

Hire Your Garage Floor Epoxy Project Out

The other way to get an garage floor epoxy project completed is to call a professional.  We here at Amazing Garage Floors are opened to installing your project correctly in just one day! We also back up the performance of our floors for 15 years.  Our garage floor epoxy business is what we do day in and day out, so we will achieve superior results.  Our price may be higher, but the piece of mind to have it done professionally may outweigh the thoughts or fears of doing it yourself.  We also know how to take care of those little odd situations, with your garage, or know how to fix those cracks or other concrete damage that always seems to be present in most garages.

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