There are a lot of viewpoints about the proper products to use when covering your garage floor. Lots of people presume that a good job of preparing the flooring followed by a thick coat or 2 of paint will work. Others hire a professional, who preps the floor and installs a top quality epoxy floor. Which is the right technique in the garage floor epoxy vs paint discussion? Well, that depends on the result you want to have.

The primary step in covering your garage flooring is to choose what is the most important to you. Do you want something low-cost and a fast fix? Are you trying to find an item that will last for many years? Or are you aiming to sell your house and you want a quick and simple option that will dress up your garage? Choose which aspects are essential to you before you select a solution in the epoxy vs paint debate!

Chemical Differences Between Garage Floor Epoxy vs Paint
It is essential to know the chemical parts of a real epoxy finish and epoxy paint to make the distinction between the 2. An epoxy covering includes a two-component, high-performance epoxy resin integrated with a hardener. Often different aggregates or colored chips are part of the system during setup to boost the strength and visual appeal of the end product. Epoxy paints are generally latex paints with small percentages of epoxy resin as a part of the product. For house owners trying to find a simple DIY job, epoxy paints can offer much better sturdiness and strength than other flooring paints that don’t have the epoxy resin component. Paint performs far below the level of high-quality epoxy flooring.

In the epoxy vs paint discussion, paint will coat a floor where epoxy will seal it and secure it. The choice to buy epoxy vs paint occurs when thinking about the kind of defense you need. The density of the epoxy will help in concealing any flaws such as little fractures in the concrete. Paint will cover concrete and give it a sleek look, but more than likely will not hide fractures or chips. Painting the flooring is usually the most affordable method for the majority of DIY house owners, but it generally needs to be redone with time. Paint can chip, flake and often “bubble” if not used effectively or when exposed to moisture. Epoxy is a topical covering that is resistant to moisture. Both can cheer up the garage, but epoxy is resistant to water, staining, chemicals such as oils, brake fluid, and fuel and far more.

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