Garage Floor Chips With Amazing Garage Floors

We were proud to be interviewed for this recent industry article in Concrete Decor magazine.  Being recongnized for our many years of installing chips floors with outstanding results and track record.  Since 2007 we have partnered with Torginol exclusively as our chip supplier for Amazing Garage Floors.

As discussed in the interview we have found the Torginol product to be consistant in color and texture.  We have also found them extremely efficient in delivering their floor chips or flake products to our network of dealers in more than 20 states.  We can’t make garages AMAZING without Torginol flakes!

"We can't make garages AMAZING without Torginol flakes!"

Photos of garage floor flakes in the Concrete Decor article were 

used with permission Amazing Garage Floors.

If interested in garage floor chips or flakes for you business you may consider partnering with Amazing Garage Floors.  Our network of dealers enjoys better supply and service as well as pricing with our combined buying power and long-standing relationship with Torginol.  

About Amazing Garage Floors Garage Floor Chips

US Duralast, DBA Amazing Garage Floors trains, equips, and supplies roughly 80 owner installers in more than 20 states at this time.  We also maintain a installation business in the Kansas City area, DBA Amazing Garage Floors-Kansas City