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Trying to figure out the best epoxy garage floor for your hard earned money?

Are you ready for the best garage floor epoxy Kansas City?  Then welcome to Amazing Garage Floors!  Our epoxy garage floor system is superior to other epoxy garage floors.  Our hybrid garage floor system is what you are want to protect and enhance the value of your home.  Unsighlty damage and cracks that you may have will be repaired (see damaged garage floor repaired here).  Covered by a beautiful, and durable garage floor, that will last you many years, and even decades without any additional maintenance-GUARANTEED!  Let our professional installers complete your garage floor in just one day.

Epoxy garage floors are NOT created equal!  Only Amazing Garage Floors can install our beautiful, durable, floors fast, and guaranteed to perform for years to come, including wear!  We have more than a decade of installing epoxy garage floors and thousands of happy clients served.  Therefore, you can’t go wrong with an Amazing Garage Floor.

Epoxy Kansas City by Amazing Garage Floors

Trust Amazing Garage Floors® with your home. Since 2007 with nearly 50 trained owner operators nationally and growing.

Diamond Grinding

Diamond grinding is ALWAYS DONE to prepare all Amazing Garage Floors

Diamond Grinding

Preparation is the key to any floors adhesion. Diamond grinding is the only method to choose for an epoxy garage floor.
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Professional Installers

Expert installers are needed to install our fast setting premium products

Professional Installers

Amazing Garage Floors has a fast, durable floor that requires real professionals in order to properly install our floor system.
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Best Garage Improvement

An Amazing Garage Floor is a great investment you can enjoy for many years

Best Garage Investment

You will not get a bigger band for your buck than an Amazing Garage Floor
More Than Just A Floor

Perfect Color Every Time

Choose from our standard colors or create a blend of your own choosing.

Full Broadcast Flake Floors

Get the floor color for your tastes!
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Professional Epoxy Garage Floor Installers In Kansas City ​

Best Epoxy Kansas City

See how the trained, professional installers at Amazing Garage Floors deliver for you. As a result, you will always get the best looking epoxy garage floor.  With Amazing Garage Floors, you will get many years of your enjoyment and performance. Most of all, we strive to provide the best value for homeowners that wish to protect, beautify, their garage-an extension of their home. Enjoy many years of easy cleaning and a garage floor that your friends and neighbors will make you the envy of the neighborhood.

Finally, contact us at Amazing Garage Floors for a free, no hassle, no pressure consultation. Let us come out and take a look at your garage. We can show you some of our many standard color selections, or you may even create your own color blend for just your style. Either way you will find us the friendly, professional, value choice for your home’s epoxy garage floor.

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Trust Amazing Garage Floors® with your home. Since 2007 with over 50 trained owner operators nationally and growing.

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Since 2007-We WILL answer your epoxy garage floor questions

Amazing Garage Floors only diamond grinds the concrete surfaces prior to installing our floors.  Sorry, but acid etch, and powerwashing are not accepted methods for preparing any concrete for an epoxy garage floor.

There are virtually an unlimited amount of blends that you may create.  We have found it’s easier for most clients to choose from a limited number of “standard” color choices.  Our dealers will show you their most popular colors or you can create your own blend for your taste.

Check with your local dealer, but we have at least a 15 year warranty.  We believe it to be the best warranty in the industry but everyone has a different opinion.  Limited Lifetime warranties may be available as well.  We will match any competitors warranty, word-for-word!  However, we have found most are pretty flimsy and don’t really cover much.  Ask you local dealer for details!

Becuase an epoxy garage floor is a “process” and we are so well equipped to install our floor system, it’s not a simple “per square foot” answer.  Generally $2000 is a minimum for any flooring project.  That being said our “per foot” prices drop dramatically on larger projects, such as 3 car garages and larger.  We are happy to give you a “ballpark” price if you have approximate dimensions.  Just contact us to learn more, we’re happy to discuss your project anytime.

There is no maintenance required!  You will find it helpful to give your garage floor a cleaning once or twice a year most likely.  There is no need for periodic re-coats, like other floors out there.  Cleaning is recommended, and cleaning is easy.  We also have an Amazing Garage Floors cleaner available to our clients as a courtesy to help you maintain that like new look for years to come.

An Amazing Garage Floor will likely perform for decades.  All floors do wear, even the hardwoods inside your home.  We have yet to have anyone wear through our tough, durable clear coat in a garage yet, and we’ve been installing them since 2007.

While there are numerous reasons our floors outperform others.  Our look and texture is second to none.  Our unique topcoat leaves a nice texture, so the floors are not slick, and clean easily.  This texture also allows the floor to look clean, even when its not, when compared to others.

We also strive for value!  We are fully aware of cost of product that others use, and our products cost more.  We can overcome our costs due to huge volumes, proper equipment production, and trainied installers.

We often hear how much we gete done in such a short period.  We are happy to have you watch us perform your installation.  You will see how hard and efficient our team members work to get your floor completed properly in just 1 day, so you can get back on with your busy life.

Amazing Garage Floors Kansas City

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Beautiful, Durable, Fast-Guaranteed!

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