Epoxy Garage Floors For Your Home

Epoxy garage floors have become very popular over the last decade or so.  No longer are they the garage floors that only the rich and famous have in their homes.  These floors are very attainable for the average homeowner to have professionally installed.  The Do-it-yourself options just don’t have the appearance that most homeowners desire.  Most home owners will not have the skills and equipment to get a lasting finish for their own garage.  Here is a good list of things to consider if you think you may be up to doing epoxy garage floors yourself.

epoxy garage floors
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The first thing you need to understand about epoxy garage floors is that preparation is the key.  In order for the epoxy to bond properly to the concrete floor.  Failing to prepare the surface will typically cause a failure of the floor.  The best method of preparing concrete is with a diamond grinder.  Additionally, you will need to repair damage or cracks to create a flat surface.  Once your preparation and repairs are complete you are ready to apply epoxy to the garage floor.  Diamond grinders and vacuums are often available at rental locations, so check with you local companies.

Epoxy Garage Floors-Epoxy Selection

After that preparation has been completed and dust thoroughly removed you may begin application.  You will need to select an epoxy that is best for the needs of your use.  There are several different types of epoxy and you will want to choose what’s best for your needs.  Those needs may be dictated by your concrete’s condition and moisture transmission rates.  It will be important to mix most epoxies, extremely accurately.  Additionally, it’s important to pay attention to the directions as to temperatures and humidity.  Every epoxy type or formulation should give you specific guidelines and ranges in its tech data information.

You will probably be putting flakes or quartz into the epoxy for color and texture you will also want to have those ready.  While doing this pay close attention to the open time.  That’s the amount of time you will have to apply those into the epoxy garage floor.  You may find this to be a bit hectic depending on the time allowed.  Most of all, make sure you have those products out of their bags or boxes and ready to install into your epoxy.

Epoxy Garage Floors-Top Coat Selection

Finally, you will likely want to apply a top coat to your floor.  Because there are several types of top coats you will want to choose one right for your use.  One important thing to keep in mind is that some of the best top coats cure very quickly.  Please keep in mind if doing this yourself you will want to take work times into account.  Another important factor is the chemicals you may be using and the amount of sunlight.  Some top coats are not UV stable, so make sure you choose UV stable, so you don’t end up with a yellowing floor.

Please keep in mind that epoxy garage floors also require many other items to install.  You will need gloves, rollers, spiked shoes, measuring buckets, stir sticks, and more.  Be careful not to get epoxy on anything you don’t want it on, like trim, work benches, or driveways.  Epoxy garage floors are a great addition to any garage.  Just make sure to consider that it’s a process with lots of steps.  Planning and quick, hard work will make it look good and last for a long time.


epoxy garage floors


If you’re not sure that you’re up for the task, feel free to reach out to any of our epoxy garage floors professionals listed on our site.

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