Epoxy Garage Floor Installers

An epoxy garage floor system is the best possible flooring surface for your garage. To ensure that it’s properly installed and functioning correctly, you’ll want to hire a team of highly trained, skilled professionals to do the installation. Starting the search for who to do your epoxy garage floor installation can be pretty overwhelming because there are so many companies and so much information out there. We’ll try to simplify the process by sharing some steps to help you narrow down your search.

What To Look For In An Installer

It’s essential to hire the proper epoxy garage floor installers to do your epoxy garage floor system installation, are very highly trained. These are contractors who specialize in epoxy floor systems and all the services that come with them. Hiring an industry professional will guarantee that your new epoxy garage floor will be flawlessly installed and will perform for years to come.

Amazing Garage Floors Directory of Epoxy Garage Floor Installers

Amazing Garage Floors is the very best out there when it comes to high quality, durable, and beautiful garage floors. We strive for total customer satisfaction from the very first step. Amazing Garage Floors has an impressive national presence, with multiple locations in multiple cities across the country. Our certified dealers employ only the most skilled, highly trained, and experienced professional contractors with great work ethics, and who value exceptional craftsmanship.

Patriot Concrete Coating

San Antonio, TX 78232

Patriot Concrete Coatings, based in San Antonio, Texas, is a veteran-owned company. Patriot Concrete Coatings specializes in epoxy garage floors, metallic epoxy floors, epoxy countertops, and concrete staining. Kody Pirkle, owner and founder, believes in running a company based on strong values, punctuality, and the goal of always exceeding their clients’ wants and needs. He and his professional installers strive for the highest levels of quality and craftsmanship on every job, whether it’s an epoxy garage floor installation or a concrete staining job. Patriot Concrete Coatings offers personalized, custom work, with a huge range of options to fit every wish, look, and budget.

Stampcrete of Kansas City

Lenexa, KS 62215

Stampcrete of Kansas City has been around since 2006. Mark Anderson and his team’s number one goal is to provide high quality, professional upgrades to people’s homes and businesses. Stampcrete of Kansas City is a full-service solution, specializing in stained concrete, metallic epoxy, flake floor systems, grind and seal, epoxy countertops, and skimstone. No matter if you’re getting a concrete reseal, acid stain, epoxy garage floor coating Kansas City, metallic epoxy, or polish, the skilled professionals at Stampcrete of Kansas City believe the correct concrete prep work prior to the installation is the most important step. The end goal is a floor that’s durable, attractive, and as low maintenance as possible.

The Epoxy Floor Guy

Kearney, MO 64060

The Epoxy Floor Guy installs the best epoxy floor systems in the Northern Kansas City, Missouri area – north of the river. Tom Anderson, the owner of The Epoxy Floor Guy, actually learned about the Amazing Garage Floors hybrid epoxy floor systems first as a client. He had two floor systems installed and was so impressed by the high quality epoxy floor systems, and the professionals who did the installations, that he decided to become an owner/installer himself. Tom works directly with his clients because he feels the best customer service and satisfaction always start with a good, personal relationship between the business owner and clients. The Epoxy Floor Guy specializes in hybrid epoxy garage floor systems. Tom believes that the garage is a fully functioning part of your home, and that an epoxy garage floor enhances it tenfold.

Mile High Garage Pros.

Brighton, CO 80601

Chris Anderson is the owner/installer of Mile High Garage Pros. Chris is a Colorado native, and the ultimate family man. He’s got a degree in Business Management and is detail oriented, hard-working, and loves helping people. He started up Mile High Garage Pros after realizing that the on-the-road lifestyle of the oil and gas business was draining and was taking him away from his wife and three children way too often. When you call Mile High Garage Pros to get your epoxy garage floor system installed, Chris is who you’ll be talking to, and he’s also who will be doing your floor installation. Chris trained with and uses the Amazing Garage Floors system from Amazing Garage Floors in Kansas City. Your Mile High Garage Pros epoxy floor system will be made of resin based epoxy/polyaspartic products, which are the best materials on the market and consistently hold up to years or wear and tear. Chris loves spending time in his own garage and he strives to create a space for you that you’ll love as well.

Garage Mods Amazing Custom Garage Floors

Panama City Beach, FL 32413

Garage Mods Amazing Custom Garage Floors of Panama City Beach, FL, owned by Charles Murphy, is a family owned, local business specializing in epoxy floor systems for both residential and commercial spaces. While garages are the most common projects, Garage Mods also does epoxy floor installations for patios and any other space you can imagine. If you’re in the Florida panhandle and are looking to fix up and transform an old, worn out, grungy looking garage floor or patio, Garage Mods is who you’ll want for the job. They take pride in installing only the highest tech epoxy garage floor systems that are virtually zero maintenance, and keep their functionality and attractive appearance for years. The Garage Mods technicians who do your installation are skilled, highly trained, creative, and guarantee customer satisfaction.

MO-Showroom floor

Alfonso Vargas – MO Showroom Floor
MO Showroom Floor
Independence, MO 64057
(816) 547-5172

Quality Garage Floors

Troy Proctor – Quality Garage Floors
Quality Garage Floors
458 N 500 W
Santaquin, UT
(435) 246-9201

Grindstone Garage Floors llc

Jeff Lane – Grindstone Garage Floors, LLC
Grindstone Garage Floors, LLC
12120 Augusta Dr.
Kansas City, KS 66109
(913) 956-8061

Elite Concrete Coatings

Auburn, AL 36830

Elite Concrete Coatings of Auburn, AL is a family owned business specializing in epoxy garage floor coatings and other high quality, durable concrete coatings. Acton Watkins, owner/installer of Elite Concrete Coatings, employs a team of skilled professional installers who always meet or exceed clients’ expectations. Some of the advantages that come with hiring Elite Concrete Coatings to do your epoxy floor are an extremely quick install time of 1-2 days, no tire peel, UV stability, easy to clean, slip resistant, and very high resistance to chemicals. Additionally, the epoxy and polymer colorflake floors that Acton and his team specialize in are durable, decorative, and economical. Acton always strives to give his customers an epoxy floor that they’ll be proud of, but also one that won’t break the bank.

The Coating Kings

Jeremiah Anderson – The Coating Kings
The Coating Kings
9025 Jefferson St. NE
Blaine, MN 55434
(763) 328-6387

Redrock Multiservices, LLC

Acworth, GA

Redrock Multiservices, LLC specializes in epoxy coatings for concrete floors. Every member of their staff is well-versed in all things concrete and epoxy. When a professional installer from Redrock Multiservices, LLC comes to your home (or business) to give you a quote, they’ll go over with you which type of epoxy coating will be best for your particular concrete floor. This is because each concrete surface is as unique as you are, and what might work for one garage floor might not work for another. Redrock Multiservices, LLC offers concrete flooring solutions such as grind and seal high gloss, high gloss sealer, epoxy garage floors, and glow in the dark and regular metallic epoxy floors. The finished product is a beautifully and correctly installed epoxy floor that will serve your home or business for years. The skilled installers from Redrock Multiservices, LLC never take shortcuts, and take pride in doing all steps of the process right from the start. Customer satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed.

Do Your Research

Before deciding what type of garage floor you want, you’ll likely spend time researching the various flooring options. You’ll learn the different prices of different materials. You’ll figure out what function you want the floor to serve. Probably the most important part of your research project will be WHO you decide on to do the project for you.

The next most important research step is deciding what flooring material best suits your needs and garage, as well as what purpose it will need to serve. Even if you’ve narrowed your search down to two or three different materials, this will be extremely helpful to the contractors you end up hiring. They can help you decide which material will ultimately best fulfill your needs.

Knowledgeable and Trained Professionals

Lots of people will install an epoxy garage floor system. People even try to do this installation as a DIY project. Just like not all floor materials are created equal, the same goes for the actual installers.

We keep repeating this, but because of its importance, we feel it’s necessary. Getting the right professionals to do your epoxy floor pretty much guarantees good results. You’ll want to find experts who specialize in epoxy floor systems. These people will have years of experience and will likely have many certifications. They’ll also be experts at operating the machinery needed to do the job.

No matter how big or complicated your project is, the right team of skilled professionals will give you the best possible results. They won’t take shortcuts and will feel comfortable guaranteeing their work. This ensures customer satisfaction and money well spent.

Broad Base of Experience

Something extremely important when you’re looking for the right professionals for your job is to see if they’ve had experience installing epoxy floor coatings in all different conditions. This would mean they know how to properly prepare the concrete garage floor before applying the epoxy coating.

For example, in a high humidity climate like Tampa, your installers would need to be able to correctly repair and seal the concrete. Since concrete is porous and susceptible to water damage and mold, sealing it prior to pouring the epoxy is key. Dehumidification is also imperative. These prevents future moisture issues.

Competent Team Across the Board

Putting in an epoxy garage floor system is a big decision. We can’t think of anyone who doesn’t appreciate an easy, streamlined process. This eliminates so much stress. You’ll want to choose a company who employs friendly, competent office staff to help with scheduling.

You’ll also want contractors who arrive on time with the correct equipment and materials, and who finish your job in the timeframe promised. All of these factors contribute to customer satisfaction because you’ll have a good experience from start to finish, and your new epoxy garage floor system will look amazing.

Good Business Reputation

In addition to wanting competent, skilled contractors, you’ll definitely want to find a company who has an impeccable reputation. This is pretty easy to determine, thanks to the internet and word of mouth. A business with a stellar reputation will have a host of good reviews.


Additionally, a legitimate, good business will be correctly insured and guaranteed. You can find this information on business sites. This is important because sometimes mistakes or acts of God happen. In the case of this, it’s good to know that your investment will be protected with liability insurance, and you won’t have lost out on a lot of money.

Get Quotes

No one likes to be surprised with an unexpected fee or project cost. After you’ve done your research and narrowed down your selections for who’s going to do your job, you’ll want to find out the potential cost.

Some companies will give you a price-per-square-foot estimate based on a quick phone conversation. Generally, though, the really good companies will send out one or two of their professionals to visually inspect your garage (or whatever space you’re wanting to install an epoxy floor system in).

This serves a couple of purposes. It allows the company to give you a much more accurate cost estimate. It also gives the installers a chance to see the space and any damage they’ll need to fix prior to installing the epoxy flooring system. We think this is extremely important because it means you’ll be even happier with the finished product because the floor system will be specifically tailored to your exact garage.

We will always tell people to get their quotes and contracts in writing. This guarantees there won’t be any surprises, as well as giving both the customer and the company a safety net.