Epoxy Garage Floor Installations

Epoxy garage floor installations are part of the growing trend of finishing out the garage.  Much like the finished basement had occurred in the past couple decades.  While there are a few options in the garage flooring realm, epoxy seems to be the best option.  Tile options don’t protect the concrete, if you live in a climate that has cold weather, ie road salts are tracked in over the winter months.  VCT tile options are also slick, and require ongoing sealing of wax to insure a proper seal.  Rubber mats don’t offer concrete protection either, and are heavy.  They must be pulled out and washed off periodically to maintain cleanliness.

Therefore, epoxy garage floor installations seem to be the best choice when you want to consider protection of the concrete.  First you should determine if you feel you can accomplish this yourself with do-it-yourself products, or hire a professional for the epoxy floor installation.  If considering doing it yourself, please take the time and do some homework.  While we do install epoxy garage floors for our livelihood, we know some people can handle this themselves.  If you choose to do it yourself, we encourage you to take all the costs into account.  The price of the epoxy is perhaps the largest expense of the project, but other items and time can really add up as well.

Epoxy Garage Floor Installations Costs

Beside the cost of epoxy and/or topcoat, you should consider your supplies.  Things like measuring buckets, rollers, roller handle, roller holder/cage, brushes, spiked shoes (very handy even if you don’t think you’ll need them), rags, cleaners, and more.  Also consider the price of renting the proper equipment to complete the preparation.  Keep in mind that all these items that epoxy gets is trash.  Items like rollers, and brushes, are going to be trash, and cannot be used again in most cases.

Another large consideration is TIME.  Not only the time to install the epoxy garage floor, but time in research, finding the proper products.  As well as accumulating all the needed supplies, parts, and runs to and from the rental store.  We are assuming that you want to diamond grind, as the likelihood of a failure due to poor preparation is huge if you don’t.  Also consider the time that you will be installing and unable to use your garage floor, as the epoxy is curing.  With most do-it yourself projects you are looking at a minimum of 1.5 weeks, between installation and cure time.  Please consider that time, that you will not have the use of your garage.

With hiring a professional installer, like us here at Amazing Garage Floors, you will only need to have your garage cleaned out when we arrive, and we will get the entire epoxy garage floor installation completed that day.  You will then be able to use your garage floor the next day!  In as little as 12 hours after completion, you are back to using your garage, and loving the look of a professionally installed epoxy garage floor.

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