You might question just how much energy and time to commit to your epoxy floor cleaning. Very little work is needed to have a floor that is aesthetically appealing and invites visitors. Compare that to other garages with spots, concrete wear, cleaning and other problems.

Whether you have one of our finishings for your garage, basement, deck, sunroom or pole barn, the epoxy floor cleaning is usually the same.

1) For small spills or vehicle fluids, clean them up with a paper towel or other soft fabric.

2) You can best accomplish regular epoxy floor cleaning with either a soft bristle broom or a blue commercial dust mop.

3) If you are in need of a more extensive epoxy floor cleaning, you first need to sweep up any loose dirt. Once swept, use a foam mop and a cleaning solution made especially for your epoxy floor. Kansas City Amazing Garage Floors offers a cleaning solution specifically for epoxy floors.

4) Some winter road “pre-treatment ” substances leave a hazy film on the flooring finish after cleaning. You can clean up this residue with warm water and a deck brush. Constant rinsing might be needed to keep the substances from drying onto new locations of the flooring.

5) Some discolorations (including rust) might need light scrubbing with a kitchen scrubbing pad. Do not use Comet or other abrasive cleaning chemicals on the finishes.

6) If wanted, the flooring can be hosed out and squeegeed dry.

7) Do not use a cleaner which contains acids (citrus cleaners, vinegar, and so on) or soap based cleaners. Soap based cleaners may leave a residue that not only interferes with the shine but ends up being significantly slippery if the floor gets damp.

8) Use a welcome mat inside any entryway door to help with getting rid of snow and water from the bottoms of shoes when entering the garage. You may need longer mats throughout the winter season.

9) Place a computer mouse pad under a motorbike kick-stand to avoid damage to the surface.

10) Make sure all locations are clean before raising heavy loads with rolling jacks.

11) Place pieces of 1/2 inch plywood under jack stands when bearing heavy loads.

12) Use a welding mat when welding above the flooring.

If you regularly mop your flooring as lots of business clients do, you might develop a soapy residue that dulls the look of the flooring. You can typically repair this by following #3 above. Lots of high-traffic retail and display room consumers mention that their finishes have dulled. The majority of the time, it is nothing more than residue accumulating from the epoxy floor cleaning technique they were using.

While the epoxy finish is long lasting, they are not unbreakable.

Whether it’s an “oops” or a “how did that take place,” give us a call. We will make sure your garage finish look terrific for years to come.