There are eight steps that Amazing Garage Floors take in their epoxy application process. Each of these steps is crucial. We don’t ever skip a step when we install your floor to ensure you always have an AMAZING epoxy floor as a result.

The choice of flooring is not the only factor we attend to in the preparation phase of your project. Sometimes, a job site might have some obstacles. Those obstacles could range from mold or moisture to external installation factors. Amazing Garage Floors will perform a complete site assessment. We will make sure that we prepare for any extra needed preparation, installation coordination and other concessions. Our goal is to be ready for all difficulties. We want to stay on time and budget for the entire epoxy application process.

If you want to hire someone or do the epoxy application process yourself, you should diamond grind the flooring. There are various types of concrete diamond grinders. The very best diamond grinders are “planetary.” These grinders will not dig into the flooring with an unskilled operator. Rotary, or cup wheel styles can, triggering unpleasant damage to the flooring.

The team at Amazing Garage Floors only use planetary diamond grinders for grinding our garage floor. Diamond Grinding is vital for preparation of an epoxy garage floor. You shouldn’t even consider any other type of preparation for your flooring. If they do not grind the floor with a HEPA vacuum, they are not setting up quality flooring. That also means that they do not have the correct devices to even be in the business. The diamond grinder and the vacuums are the most significant tools necessary for the garage flooring business.

Generally, with a garage flooring, there are three kinds of repair work that is necessary. This repair work can consist of surface fractures, pitting and spalling. Pitting and spalling can be as simple to fix as the majority of fractures. But, it takes a bit more work to fix.

If you are using an epoxy system, you will want to make it is as blemish free as possible.

Anybody that has dealt with a moisture issue with concrete comprehends the damage that extra moisture can trigger. Wetness in concrete can come from a range of sources. These sources may include ground moisture that contacts the cement through either capillary action or as water vapor. High air humidity or extreme changes of humidity in the environment can also bring excess moisture. This moisture could also come from dripping pipes that go through the concrete, and more.

The preventative step used in the epoxy application process to prevent moisture-related difficulties is setting up a vapor barrier. The primer/vapor barrier Amazing Garage Floors uses is able to keep back moisture for 24 hours at least. A vapor barrier is a crucial aspect to safeguarding from adhesive failures, as well as some environmental concerns. Vapor barriers can prevent moisture-related mold and mildew. They can also obstruct gasses that can be a health threat if they enter a house or business.

Concrete floorings covered with epoxy last longer and withstand significant wear.

Epoxy is exceptionally long lasting and can avoid chemical breakdown. Epoxy flooring is generally quickly and easily set up. The ease of setup for the epoxy application process suggests less unusable time through the epoxy application process. When the concrete has the epoxy covering, it is not porous because of the sealant. For that reason, it is much easier to clean up. Epoxy coverings can endure ongoing exposure to chemicals. These coverings are also resistant to slippage, temperature level, and severe impact. Picking an epoxy finish can cut wear on vehicles since it is more flexible than other floor coverings.

Full broadcast implies that flakes cover the epoxy flooring. What you end up with is a flake system that many say appears like granite or stone. A Full Broadcast system will also last longer than a similar random broadcast system. You have a layered flooring– base coat, flakes, top coat.

Rollers are necessary for the epoxy application process as they guarantee the appropriate amount of pressure for the application. Without adequate pressure, gas can get into the epoxy, developing bubbles in your flooring.

The area needs several layers of epoxy when handling fractures, corners or damaged locations. The epoxy surface will need time to dry to set correctly.

For a lasting epoxy floor, it’s best to deal with a licensed expert. With Amazing Garage Floors years of experience, they will offer the highest level of service and client satisfaction.

A clear coat will make your epoxy flooring incredibly resilient. Since the clear coat functions as a sacrificial layer, the epoxy color coat will be safer. Without it, the colored epoxy coat can lose its appeal from wear. If you used colored flakes in the epoxy application process, the clear coat would protect them from peeling and gathering dirt.

With a transparent layer over the color flakes, the flooring is also easier to clean up. Dust mops can clean the floor without taking the colored flakes with it as it goes. The extra layer of a clear top coat will also add depth to the appearance of the garage floor. This depth makes a vibrant looking surface that appears more elegant and makes it look thicker than it is. When you compare epoxy flooring with a clear coat to one without, there is no question about which looks better. The clear coat provides the garage floor with extra depth and will make that showroom shine.

Our team will offer you the absolute finest service during the whole epoxy application process. When you select Amazing Garage Floors for your epoxy garage floor setup, the outcomes will be nothing short of AMAZING!