Amazing Garage Floor’s epoxy flooring systems are durable and non-absorbant. However, harsh cleaners might harm an epoxy floor top coat. As your expert garage, basement, commercial business, sunroom and patio flooring installers, there are some ideas that we offer our consumers with appropriately cleaning their epoxy flooring.  Using the appropriate cleaning solutions will also help to preserve your floors for the years to come.

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts for cleaning epoxy floors:

DO test all items you use for cleaning epoxy floors in a small test location before cleaning the whole floor.
DO dust mop your high traffic flooring daily. Doing this not only gets the dust, but also the grit tracked onto the flooring. The grit serves as an abrasive on your tough flooring and will ultimately dull the surface.
DO scrub your brand-new epoxy flooring a minimum of once a week for the preliminary 2 to 3 months to prevent dust from adhering to the surface. After this duration, a weekly scrub is encouraged, depending upon the amount of foot and car traffic. Wash your flooring well to avoid an accumulation of cleaner residue that might end up being slippery.
DO give your cleaner time to respond as it was made to do and loosen up any foreign matter. This process may take several minutes for the cleaner to work, but, DO NOT allow the cleaner to dry on the surface.
DON’T utilize surface waxes or sealants. Usage of such items can make the surface slippery.
DON’T utilize cleaners including water-soluble, inorganic or crystallizing salts, damaging alkali or acids. Usage of such items could be hazardous to your beautiful epoxy flooring.
DON’T attempt miracle cleaners on your flooring without carrying out a little surface test.
DON’T blend cleaners. Follow the guidelines given by the producer.
To find out more about epoxy flooring and methods of preserving and cleaning epoxy floors, contact Amazing Garage Floors.