Diamond grinding versus acid etching is a subject of much conversation when it has to do with preparing concrete for an epoxy covering. It may be a surprise when a homeowner discovers that you cannot paint over concrete to get the floor you desire. Two preparation methods for concrete are diamond grinding and acid etching.
Epoxy has to bond mechanically to concrete for it to adhere correctly. The issue is that cement in a garage needs to supply a smooth and even surface. This procedure minimizes the porosity, requiring profiling of the surface to expose the pores so that the epoxy finishing can bond to it. Usually, this profiling is done by either diamond grinding the surface area or by acid etching to expose these pores.
Contrary to what some DIY installers think, brand-new concrete still has to be profiled. It is fresh and clean, but it still requires the opening of the pores in the recently shoveled concrete for the epoxy to bond to it.
When it pertains to profiling concrete for an epoxy floor covering, the best approach is diamond grinding the surface area. The explanation for this is the profile of the surface area is manageable, and the result will often be the texture that you desire. Diamond grinding will get rid of excess laitance (a grainy compound on the surface area) that acid etching doesn’t always remove.
St. Louis Amazing Garage Floors diamond grinds the concrete. They know that their flooring won’t work with inadequate profiling.
The issue with grinding your garage flooring is that it’s not always possible for the typical property owner to do so. The questions of where to rent the needed machines, the best ways to manage the dust, gouging of the surface area due to lack of experience, and expense can be problematic. Often it’s not on the spending plan and is why individuals will attempt acid etching. If done right, acid etching can offer a satisfying surface area for the epoxy to adhere.
Since acid etching is relatively simple to do, it offers an alternative to diamond grinding for many property owners. Depending on the procedure used; it can be inexpensive. When acid etching to prepare the concrete, it is difficult to get the same uniformity that you can get when diamond grinding. If you don’t test several areas of the surface for porosity and texture, the possibility of your coating not working increases.
Make sure anyone you hire to install your epoxy garage floor diamond grinds the concrete. A professional that acid etches the cement is cutting corners to cut expenses and probably will not offer a high-quality flooring. If this is a DIY task and you are positive in your capabilities, you can rent the correct grinding devices needed for the job.
If you’re installing the epoxy flooring yourself and diamond grinding is not in your budget, or you are not comfortable with it, then acid etching is your answer. Many commercially offered items can safely engrave your flooring.
Acid etching will not get rid of dirt and oil from your concrete flooring. It still requires cleaning.
Whichever technique you choose, if not done appropriately, your finish will fail. Whether diamond grinding or acid etching, it is necessary that you do it right. There is nothing worse than installing an epoxy finish to have it fail. Your reward will be a finish that will last for several years if you put in the time to do it right.

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