Diamond grinding is the ONLY way to prepare concrete garage floors!

If you are looking to hire someone or even do the garage floor installation yourself, you must diamond grind the floor.  Alternatives to diamond grinding are shot blasting and acid etching, both of which have pitfalls.  First choice, and really the only choice is to diamond grind your garage floor for proper adhesion.

Older methods of epoxy floor installation included shot blasting, or scarifying, and acid etching.  The primary reasons that acid etching is no longer a viable method is the danger.  You won’t likely be able to even get your hands on an effective acid.  Additionally, if you were to get those products, you’d need to rinse repeatedly, likely endangering the environment.  After that you will need to test the concrete floor PH levels to insure proper levels.

Shot blasting or light scarification is also another method of preparation.  While this can be a good method of preparation, with an experience operator.  The major pitfall with shot blasting is doing to much or too little preparation to the floor.  Overdoing it, causes damage and lines that are often visible in the finished garage floor.  Under doing it, and the sealer is simply pounded into the concrete, and still remains.  Concrete sealers are bond breakers, and can lead to adhesion related failures.

There are different versions of concrete diamond grinders.  The best diamond grinders are “planetary” machines.  These grinders will not dig into the floor with an inexperienced operator, like rotary, or cup wheel designs can, causing unsightly damage to the floor.  Amazing Garage Floors dealers only use planetary diamond grinders for grinding our garage floors.

Diamond Grinding also needs a proper vacuum system

Diamond Grinding is essential for proper preparation for an epoxy garage floor. Therefore, you should not even consider any other type of preparation at this time.  If they don’t diamond grind floors with an approved HEPA vacuum attached, they are not going to install a quality floor.  Additionally, if they do not have the proper equipment to even be in the business.  The diamond grinder and the vacuums are the largest pieces of equipment need in the garage floor business.  If they don’t own their own equipment it’s also a big red flag.

All Amazing Garage Floor dealers are required to own their equipment and have a planetary grinder with approved dust collection.  You will never have to worry about this part of the business when you choose Amazing Garage Floors.


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