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Is Residential Epoxy Flooring A Good Choice for My Home?

residential epoxy flooring

Have you heard of epoxy but wondering what it is? Epoxy is an adhesive plastic, or paint, made from a course of synthetic thermosetting polymers having epoxide teams. Well, how does epoxy work? Epoxy is thermosetting. That means that it cures depending on the temperature level. Once the epoxy cures, it cannot be uncured. Typically, […]

Industrial Epoxy Flooring Systems: Uses and Advantages

epoxy flooring systems

Epoxy flooring systems are a great option to beautify their commercial area or give them a special look and feel to their workplace. The application process is easy. The results have a genuine wow factor for businesses wanting to make the extra effort. The protection that epoxy flooring gives is extraordinary, giving you a terrific […]

Do’s and Don’ts for Cleaning Epoxy Floors

cleaning epoxy floors

Amazing Garage Floor’s epoxy flooring systems are durable and non-absorbant. However, harsh cleaners might harm an epoxy floor top coat. As your expert garage, basement, commercial business, sunroom and patio flooring installers, there are some ideas that we offer our consumers with appropriately cleaning their epoxy flooring.  Using the appropriate cleaning solutions will also help […]