Kansas City Parade of Homes 2019-Amazing Garage Floors

Amazing Garage Floor Parade of Homes Kansas City

While on the Kansas City Home Builders Associations Parade of Homes, make sure to check out an Amazing Garage Floor for your new or existing home. One of our floors will be on display and open to the public until May 12th at 16908 Cody St, Overland Park, KS 66224, entry #307 The floor on […]

Preparing a House For Sale

preparing home for sale

Preparing Your Home For Sale Statista predicts 5.67 million home units will be sold in the US in 2019. If you are part of this group and you want to sell your house for top dollar this year, make a point of sprucing it up and ensuring it is in pristine condition. Preparing your home […]

Benefits of Epoxy Floor Application in Your Basement

Amazing Garage Floors border

Do you have an epoxy floor in your garage that you love and are now looking into the options of having an epoxy floor application installed in your basement? Do you wonder what kind of benefits there are to having epoxy installed in your basement?   An epoxy floor application in your basement would provide […]

Tips For Applying Epoxy In Colder Temperatures

Amazing Garage Floors SUV

Fall is fast approaching. The summer went fast, and there was not enough time to get all your updates done that you wanted to. Are you still wanting to give your garage floor an update? It is not too late for applying epoxy and getting that fresh new look you want.   It is possible […]

How Custom Rubber Mats Can Protect Your Garage Floor

custom rubber mats

We all know that winter can be rough on garage floors. The ice. The snow. The salt. It all adds up to making a big mess on your garage floor. How can you use rubber mats to help protect your garage floor? What are the benefits?   Custom Rubber Mats = Less waste   If […]

Five Steps to Fixing Your Cracked Floor

cracked floor

Concrete is comprised of cement, sand, gravel, and water. When these items get mixed together, they form a hard slab once it has cured. Unfortunately, during the curing process concrete often shrinks. This usually results in small, hairline cracks. So, now you have a cracked floor.   These smaller, hairline cracks are much easier to […]

Commercial Kitchen Flooring: 5 Benefits of Epoxy

epoxy garage floor kansas city

A lot is going on on commercial kitchen flooring. Not only do you have a lot of traffic but you have many other things happening on the floor as well. Things get spilled, dropped, and at the end of the day, the floor has to be cleaned.   So why would an epoxy flooring be […]

Garage Floor Options: Epoxy Flooring vs Tiles

epoxy flooring vs tiles

Among the many different choices for a garage floor, plastic tiles have become a popular option. Before making any choices, do your research! How durable is the floor, really? Are plastic tiles a better option than an epoxy coating? In this article, we will compare epoxy flooring vs tiles. Make sure you gather all the […]

How to Make Your Epoxy Commercial Floor Finish Last Longer

Amazing Garage Floors commercial floor finish

You’ve got yourself a brand new epoxy commercial floor finish. It looks beautiful. Clients will love the new, clean, fresh look. Now what? How do you maintain and properly care for this floor to keep it looking new for years to come?   This new epoxy commercial floor will need some to little maintenance. That […]

Epoxy Finish vs. Concrete Options: What’s the Best Choice

epoxy finish

Your garage takes a lot of abuse from various elements throughout its lifespan. When you begin looking at updating your garage floor, you will discover there are many different options available. Do your research before you choose which floor to go with because not all are good options for a garage. In this article, we […]