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Preparing a House For Sale

Preparing Your Home For Sale Statista predicts 5.67 million home units will be sold in the US in 2019. If you are part of this group and you want to sell your house for top dollar this year, make a point of sprucing it up and ensuring it is in pristine condition. Preparing your home […]

Benefits of Epoxy Floor Application in Your Basement

Amazing Garage Floors border

Do you have an epoxy floor in your garage that you love and are now looking into the options of having an epoxy floor application installed in your basement? Do you wonder what kind of benefits there are to having epoxy installed in your basement?   An epoxy floor application in your basement would provide […]

Tips For Applying Epoxy In Colder Temperatures

Amazing Garage Floors SUV

Fall is fast approaching. The summer went fast, and there was not enough time to get all your updates done that you wanted to. Are you still wanting to give your garage floor an update? It is not too late for applying epoxy and getting that fresh new look you want.   It is possible […]

Five Steps to Fixing Your Cracked Floor

cracked floor

Concrete is comprised of cement, sand, gravel, and water. When these items get mixed together, they form a hard slab once it has cured. Unfortunately, during the curing process concrete often shrinks. This usually results in small, hairline cracks. So, now you have a cracked floor.   These smaller, hairline cracks are much easier to […]

Garage Floor Options: Epoxy Flooring vs Tiles

epoxy flooring vs tiles

Among the many different choices for a garage floor, plastic tiles have become a popular option. Before making any choices, do your research! How durable is the floor, really? Are plastic tiles a better option than an epoxy coating? In this article, we will compare epoxy flooring vs tiles. Make sure you gather all the […]


garage floor sealer

A clear garage floor sealer has numerous advantages. Besides improving the look of your new epoxy floor, it will also safeguard the finishing from the multiple components that a garage floor can experience on a daily basis.   Here are five benefits to having an epoxy garage floor sealer on your new floor:   1. […]