5 Crucial Reasons to Choose American Over Chinese Concrete Grinders for Your Garage Floor Business

A Deep Dive into Concrete Grinder Manufacturer Support, Voltage Compatibility, and More   Reason 1: Manufacturer Support One of the major challenges you may face when purchasing tools from overseas is the lack of manufacturer support. Communication issues due to language barriers can create significant problems. Beyond the obvious difficulties in understanding each other, there’s […]

Do I Really Need A Concrete Grinder

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Do I Really Need A Concrete Grinder There are many different types of concrete grinders on the market. What you plan to do with a concrete grinder will have a lot to do with whether you need one and how you will use it. A concrete grinder is used for a number of reasons such […]

Garage Floor Resurfacing

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Garage Floor Resurfacing Garage floor resurfacing is likely the most important part of any garage floor project.  While the types of coatings and applications are important as well, those can fail if the preparation is not done or done properly.  The predominant means of garage floor preparation is diamond grinding with a planetary floor grinder.  […]

Beware Of DIY Epoxy Floor Suppliers Online

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DIY Epoxy Floor Products Available Online   Earlier this month we got a call to come out and take a look at a 2000 square foot DIY epoxy floor project that needed to be re-done, since the epoxy floor was failing.  We agreed to come out and take a look and see if we could […]