Do you have an epoxy floor in your garage that you love and are now looking into the options of having an epoxy floor application installed in your basement? Do you wonder what kind of benefits there are to having epoxy installed in your basement?
An epoxy floor application in your basement would provide you with the same benefits as the epoxy in your garage. But there is a difference in some of the benefits that you may notice more once it is in your basement.

Protect from Moisture

Garages are not an area that typically sees a lot of flooding. Basements, on the other hand, have a tendency to flood. Every spring and fall when heavy rains occur, you can experience flooding in your basement. Or even if your area receives a large amount of snow that melts all at one time in the spring. This can cause basements to flood. Water can seep up through your typical concrete floor. The benefit of having an epoxy floor application in your basement is that it is moisture resistant. Epoxy can protect the concrete underneath it from moisture. This protection will also keep it from coming up into your basement.

Strong and Durable

Just as an epoxy floor application is strong and durable for your garage, it is also a strong and durable floor for your basement. Many people update their basement so it can be a “man cave” or a place for teenagers to hang out. Often, when using your basement for needs like this will include heavy items on the floor, including couches, chairs, and even pool tables. Having an epoxy floor will give you a great floor that can stand up to heavier items. It will take years for normal wear to show on the epoxy floor.

Easy to Clean

Renovating your basement for teenagers to use? Are you thinking about installing some carpet? Do you want to haul your vacuum up and down the stairs on a regular basis to clean the carpet? What about spills? Cleaning an epoxy floor application is so easy! Simply sweep and mop. Spill something, mop it up. Cleaning really does not get any easier than that. Easy maintenance on your new floor will make life so much easier!


An epoxy floor application can be a beautiful addition to your basement. One great benefit of epoxy is there is a variety of colors you can choose from. This variety allows you to match any decor you would like. You also have the ability to decide how many or how little of the decorative flakes you would like added to your floor. This is excellent news because everyone has different tastes. A floor that you can customize to your specific needs and likes is a great idea.
Here at Amazing Garage Floors, we can install an epoxy floor application in your basement for you. The typical application period is 1-2 days. That means you will have use of your basement very quickly. Contact us for an estimate and ideas today!