A well-designed garage makeover will focus on making your garage not only beautiful, but practical as well. When planning a garage makeover, many are looking for their new design to be an extension of the home’s interior design while at the same time, allowing for ample storage. Adding custom garage cabinets will enable homeowners to address both of those issues at the same time.

Custom garage cabinets should be an important component of your garage’s transformation for many reasons. They will allow you to easily match the decor of the inside of your home and add an area specific number of cabinets. How is this beneficial? With custom cabinets, adding an area specific number will allow you to add the storage without overcrowding your garage by adding too many cabinets. With custom cabinets, you can also decide on what types of features you need for storage. Custom garage cabinets are made to fit your garage’s space perfectly.

When looking at the options for your cabinets, there are typically two kinds: modular and custom-fit.

Modular cabinets tend to be prebuilt and do not offer custom made sizing. Most likely one would not get to make any custom choices.

Custom-fit cabinets will provide homeowners with more versatility. The cabinets will be made based on your specifications and needs. Custom-fit allows you to choose what type of cabinetry you want. They are often the best way to give you the best use of your garage storage space.

When ordering custom garage cabinets, the number of choices available is amazing. One will definitely want to look at how you will be using the space before making any decisions. Do you want a wood workshop? Is it an auto-body shop? Is it a place for you and friends to hang out and watch football? Whatever the case may be, there are different options as far as the choices you can make when designing your cabinets:

sink/wash area
lots of electrical outlets for power tools, USB ports too!
drawers with dividers for organizing tools
a work shelf with a backsplash
lighting options
a TV cabinet
different colors to choose from

One of the noticeable benefits of custom garage cabinets is that they make it much easier to keep your garage neat and organized. Along with garage cabinets, there are other options for storage as well, like Slatwall panels, or even bungee cord storage bins.

Custom cabinets provide your garage area with a high-end look and more functionality. When customizing your garage, there are so many different choices! It will be much easier to keep your items stored and organized while providing you with working space.