A clear garage floor sealer has numerous advantages. Besides improving the look of your new epoxy floor, it will also safeguard the finishing from the multiple components that a garage floor can experience on a daily basis.

Here are five benefits to having an epoxy garage floor sealer on your new floor:



A clear garage floor sealer on your epoxy flooring will increase the durability of your new garage floor. It can also protect it, thus extending the life of the floor. The additional layer also adds thickness to the flooring which aids to eliminate hot tire lift and helps the floor to absorb impacts much better.
At some point, all garage floorings will have some deterioration on it. Scrapes are typical. A top coat finish will undoubtedly aid to hide several of those scratches and work as a protectant to the actual epoxy finish. The clear top coat will certainly offer more scratch resistance and wear-free area for your new epoxy floor.


Cleaning of the flooring, as well as other activities, could trigger color flakes to pull up or chip away. When one uses a sealer as a protectant, the color flakes have a shield to protect and make your floor easier to clean. It is much easier to sweep or mop because they can glide over the top of the floor without catching on the color flakes. A top coat will also provide additional protection if you need to scrub the floor. With a top coat, you need not worry if you will dull the color of the floor.


The garage floor sealer will add a beautiful, glossy sparkle to your new epoxy flooring that will help reflect light much better. What better reason to add a clear topcoat to your new floor than to not only make it look nice but to add that extra shine as well? The top coat gives a bit extra “ooh and ahh” to your new epoxy floor.


If you had the installer put decorative flakes on to your new epoxy floor, including a garage floor sealer will undoubtedly work to protect them from everyday wear and tear usage. The color flakes can accumulate dust and grime if there is no top coat applied. This will make it incredibly tough to clean.


Epoxy floors can last approximately 15 years in domestic settings. If you see a hefty amount of traffic, it is possible to see some wear after some years. If you had a top coat applied when your epoxy is first installed, it is possible to apply another top coat layer as necessary to restore the finish and make your flooring look like new once again!
Best to secure your brand-new flooring by adding that top coat protectant! It is well worth the time.