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Make that old
drab slab a
thing of the past

Not only is the garage the first thing you see when you park your car, it’s also the first area that gets exposed to everything your car, kids, and pets decided to pick up along the way. 

Did You Know

Your garage is losing you money?

Every time you drive, roll, or walk across your unprotected garage floor, your house is losing money. That’s because your floor is absorbing everything you have brought in from the outside. Things like dirty water, mud, dirt, bacteria, paint, oil, car fluids, and so much more… And the worst part is it’s almost impossible to clean. It seeps into the concrete and never leaves.

Why we’re different

Every Amazing Garage Floor has new added benefits


Seal in everything that came before and start brand new.

Increases Value

With added protection, you’ve now increased the value of your home.

Easy to Clean

Turn an afternoon chore into a quick 5-minute task.

Amazing Color

So you can show off that beautiful color and not a drab slab.

We Are

Amazing Garage Floors

A veteran-owned Kansas City company that helps our clients protect their floors, increase the value of their property, and make cleaning the garage a 5-minute task instead of an afternoon chore. In one day, we’ll take that old drab slab full of filth and turn it into a beautiful talking point that you’ll want to show off.
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northwest arkansas epoxy garage floor

Met with John and had high expectations; was not disappointed! On time, efficient, friendly and professional. Floor looks fantastic! 

B Bestwick

garage floor kansas city

Hands down the only company to have do your garage floor.

C Ferguson


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