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AMAZING Garage Floors® products inventory is running low due to supply chain issues.  Due to many factors over the past year our manufacturers are having difficulty in obtaining some of the raw materials needed for resins primarily that are included in high quality products that we have used since 2007.  This will be our first supply interruption in the 15 years we have been installing and supplying floor products. 

Amazing Garage Floors will not compromise our standards on our floor system.  That is why we have many weekly calls with our manufacturers to for the past few months.  Our epoxy products are manufactured in ISO 9001 certified production facilities to ensure the constant quality of our products.  This has resulted at least once in a few days delay, as a new supplier of raw materials had to pass testing before manufacturing on our epoxy could resume. 


Amazing Garage Floors and our associated dealer network can install 100% solids epoxy in your floor system.  While 100% solids epoxy is not our preferred product for garage floors, it is often used in garages as well.  We can still offer our standard 15-year warranty on the floor as we can still apply our unique polyaspartic/polyurea to the top of your floor which is the “wear coating.” The same topcoat we have used continuously since 2007 on Amazing Garage Floors.

Should I wait for AMAZING Products or just use 100% solids epoxy and why?

100% solids epoxy has been around for many decades and therefore is cheaper and in more supply than many of the improved products that have been developed for epoxy garage floor coatings in the last couple decades.  Your individual circumstances will dictate which floor product may work best for you and your situation. 

Advantages of 100% solids epoxy on my garage floor in this shortage

  • It’s available at this time
  • Suitable alternate when concrete is prepared properly
  • Lower product cost

Disadvantages of using 100% solids epoxy on my garage in this shortage

  • Longer cure time (up to 5 days to park on your floor)
  • Multiple day installation and associated labor and fuel costs.
  • Less flexible lower layer of floor is cracking occurs due to movement

While our production should resume soon, it may be advantageous to you to wait until our superior garage floor system products return to availability or if you want your garage floor installed sooner and can handle the storage or adjust your living to be without your garage for approximately 1 week, then 100% solids may be for you.  Thus far we have found that our clients are willing to wait for a superior and faster floor, but we can certainly discuss the 100% solids epoxy alternative.  We are generally able to install 100% solids epoxy in your garage at the same price of an AMAZING Garage Floor, due to its lower product cost, but higher labor and fuel costs.

Please contact Amazing Garage Floors or your local installer in our network for any questions regarding our process and product availability at the current time


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