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Epoxy Garage Floor Review (SUPER REVIEW)

This is a Google Review that we recieved on October 13, 2019.  We also are including a number of photos from the project which was completed on September 26, 2019.  I want to thank Mike for taking the time to write this and let us know how happy is was with our installation.  Read our epoxy garage floor review below.

Clients like these are why we don’t need to advertise our products and services.  The referrals we get keep us plenty busy!

Thank you Mike for the SUPER review!

I can not believe the quality product and service this company provided. As embarrassing as it will be, I can only hope they show the before and after photos on their website! The difference is absolutely an AMAZING GARAGE transformation! 
I had rebar that has rusted from 50 years of wear and tear that bubbled my garage floor. I chiseled out the loose concrete and thought about DIY patching. Then I found their youtube video. Contacted them that night. Had several bids but decided to go with John and his company. He made me feel comfortable with his advice and trust, as a veteran 2 veteran. 
The day of work, I had to have a family member babysit them since I had already been transferred. I had Nothing- but had to trust the contractor. I finally came back for the weekend and was able to see the quality work. WOW!
I am glad I trusted the right company for the job. BEAUTIFUL! WHY did I wait to do this for the next owner? I should of done this 10 years ago so I could of had the best looking garage in Kansas City!!
Now, I want to have them come to do my new house. Not only the garage but the screened in patio area will be from this company. 
My family member enjoyed and respected the quality of work so much, they are wanting a bid to have 3 garage floors done and a 2800 square foot shop quoted. 
This company is perfect. 
Michael B. Toigo 
Super Satisfied Customer.
Amazing Garage Floors Reviews Upon Arrival
This is what Mike's garage looked like when we arrived. He had already removed all the loose and damaged concrete prior to the evaluation and estimating process.
Amazing Garage Floors Reviews Concrete Repairs
Much of the deep damage was filled with a fast setting concrete patch. This hardens to approximately 5000 psi within an hour and 8000 psi strenghth in 24 hours.
Edges of the deep repairs and the cracks were repaired with our fast fix polymer repair products.
Amazing Garage floors Reviews Inspection
First round of grinding has been completed and additional crack repairs and inspections are completed for a second round of repairs.
The second round of repairs have been completed at this time. Preparing to grind floor once again...
Amazing Garage Floors Review Fiinal Preparation
Floor has had a second and third round of repairs and a thourough vacuuming has been completed to remove dust from the concrete surface. We are now ready to complete the AMAZING Garage Floors installation after all preparation and repairs have been made.
Amazing Garage Floor Complete!
Amazing Garage Floor Complete!
Amazing Garage Floor Complete! Another view
Amazing Garage Floor Complete! Another view
Amazing Garage Floor Complete! Yet another shot!
Amazing Garage Floor Complete! Yet another shot!

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