5 Most Popular Reasons For Garage Floor Coatings


Garage floor coatings have become increasingly popular in the past decade.  There are several reasons why someone my want a coating in their garage floor.  Here are the top 5 reasons why homeowners choose to floor coatings.

An often overlooked reason for installing a garage floor coating, is the protection of the concrete.  This can be protection from unsighly stains on the minor side.  To preventing concrete damage due to water and chemical penetration.  This is more important in the parts of the United States that get snow and ice in the winters.

Ease of clean up is another reason for a floor coating as well.  Garage floors do tend to get dirty and messy.  With daily use and being opened to the elements they do require a cleaning occasionally for most homeowners.  The epoxy floor coating should keep dirt, and debris from attaching to a normally porous concrete surface.

garage floor coatings
Installed for protection of concrete, repaired damaged, and enhanced the garage space

It’s no secret that the coating of a garage floor will enhance the overall appearance of your garage.  Likely increasing the value of your home as well.  A garage floor coating actually pays you back!

We also often hear about how dirty the garage floor is and “tracks” dust into the home.  A floor coating on that garage floor will certainly stop the white, chalky dust from being tracked inside your home on the floors.

Finished concrete garage floors can be slippery.  We often hear about how slick a concrete floor is when wet in a garage.  Another reason to install an epoxy garage floor coating is to improve traction and increase the slip resistance of a floor.  Be mindful not to put too mucy texture to a floor as it will be hard to clean.


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