Some Things I Enjoy Doing In Kansas City

The downtown is always a great place to head out for the weekend.  Kansas City Power and Light district has a number of restaurants and bars to choose from.

Other fun things in Kansas City include going to Royals and Chiefs games, if you are a sports fan.  Both stadiums are great open aired venues to enjoy the great weather of Kansas City.

BBQ is another specialty of Kansas City.  There are many great and some famous BBQ joints located aroudn the Kansas City metro.

Another Kansas City favorite is Boulevard beer.  They are one of the largest craft beer brewers in the country, and started in Kansas City in 1989 in the Southwest Blvd area of the city.

Kansas City’s airport is located to the far north and west of the city, and may not be the most geopraphically located airport in the country.  Kansas City voted to replace or make major renovations to the terminals in 2017.

Other Kansas City attractions include Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun.  These are theme parks or amusement parks that are great places in the hot summer months to be entertained or cool down.

Lot’s of jazz can be enjoyed with Kansas City’s rich jazz music history from years gone by.  You will still find Jazz influences and clubs in the downtown area of Kansas City primarily.  While in that same area of downtown Kansas City, you may also want to take in the Negrow Leagues baseball museum.  This is a great way to spend a few hours for any baseball fan, and can be incorporated in with a Kansas City Royals game, that’s only a few minutes away from the stadium.

Another great aspect of Kansas City is that it has the 2nd most fountains of any city in the world.  You will find a number of fountains around Kansas City in or near many of the tourist sites.

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